ESN Cultural events


ESN-Rotterdam offers a wide variety of cultural events. All of them are very chill events and usually take place in the evening. Some of them are more concentrated on getting acquainted with the Dutch culture and others on meeting new people but all of them have one main goal providing you with fun memorable experience.

Here are some examples from this year:





Speed friending​

We usually do this event at the beginning of each semester.

The event has the speed dating concept but with main goal to give the chance

to the new students in Rotterdam to meet each other.

The event ends with a nice dinner with your new friends.


Open Stage Night​

Open Stage Night is organised in collaboration with SG Erasmus and takes place

in the Erasmus Pavilion. Everyone who wants to perform is more than welcome to sign up in advance or to inform ESN members

during the event that she/he wants to perform something. These events usually have very calm and pleasant atmosphere.

The entrance is free of charge.


International Potluck

Proud of your national cuisine? Love cooking? Curious about other cultural cuisines?

Then, this event is perfect for you! During our International Potluck Dinner, participants

bring traditional dishes from their countries and share them with each other.


Lingua night

This event gives you the perfect opportunity to improve and practice your language skills.

At the beginning of the event, every participant presents the languages that she/he

can speak and the languages that she/he would like to learn or improve.

Then, you can start communicating with all the participants.

The event is also a nice opportunity to meet new people or just to have a fun night.

The entrance is free of charge.


Cheesy Pubquiz​

Many would say that this is a fun and intense event.

The participants gather in a bar and form teams of 4-5 people.

The pubquiz has around six sections of ten questions each. The rounds revolve around different topics and

could quiz you on questions based on sound, video records and, of course, pictures.

This event also gives you the chance to meet new people.

On a sidenote, this event is called “Cheesy” because during the breaks, you get to try various varieties of Dutch cheese.


Movie nights 

Iin collaboration with SG Erasmus every month we give you the chance to

enjoy a movie. The event takes place in Erasmus Pavilion Theatre. We aim to project movies with good balance of quality, fame, and educational aspects. The entrance fee is symbolic and ESN members always care for making your night amazing by offering you freshly backed popcorn. Twice per year we also do an open air addition on the university campus.