We are the marketing committee and we’re responsible for the marketing of any ESN event this year. What do we do? We are designing posters,flyers and banners for events, we create the newsletter every month and we come up with craziest and funniest promotion stunts. Together we are very excited to be part of ESN and we’re looking forward to meeting many new students. We are communicating through various media channels. The website and Facebook are the main communication channels we use. However, we are also active on Instagram and Snapchat and once a month we launch a newsletter to keep you up to date on all events and news on ESN. But for now, just like, follow, subscribe and sign up for all our channels and make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

Names: Top - Cuong Hoang, Carolin Llorens, Ioana Traistaru, Floriane van Alphen, Sven Leidenbach 
              Bottom- Jesscia Sarah, Utsa Bhatia, Kati Mattila