Aleksandr Suchanov - Partnership Manager ESN Board 2017/2018

My name is Aleksandr Suchanov and I am partnership manager of ESN Rotterdam for academic year 2017/2018. I am 22 years old and I am in the final stage of Master studies in Financial Economics at Erasmus University. Besides working on my master thesis I have also joined B&R Beurs investment society and currently learning Dutch language. In my free time I enjoy travelling, doing sports and I am passionate about music.

Why the ESN Board?

Having parents from two different countries, I have been always exposed to an international environment and making a choice to study abroad was something natural to me. On top of being an international student in the Netherlands I had an opportunity to go on exchange to Seoul, South Korea. The time that I spent both in the Netherlands and South Korea are truly unforgettable. To surround myself with international environment even further I decided to join ESN city trip committee, which allowed me to combine pleasure of helping international students to have best time abroad as well my passion in travelling. It was fun and rewarding to be part of city trip committee, so I made a conscious choice of helping international students, but this year with more responsibilities.

Why Partnership Manager?

I enjoy communication with people and Partnership Manager is an excellent position to improve interpersonal skills on a professional level. Moreover, I was excited to pitch ideas to external partners, maintain and establish partnerships as well as improve negotiation skills. Furthermore, I was looking forward to establishing large career event that will help international students with their future job prospects. A combination of attaining personal goals as well as helping international students lead me to applying for Partnership Manager position.

Function description

As the Partnership Manager of ESN Rotterdam you are mainly responsible for the ESNcard and the external partners, such as sponsors and other partnerships. Therefore, the Partnership Manager is always in contact with current and potential external partners. It is your responsibility to keep the relationships healthy and mutually beneficial. Seeking for new partnerships and collaborations, negotiation and closure of deals are the responsibilities of Partnership Manager. To help you to achieve aforementioned goals, you will form partnership committee which will be under your supervision. Furthermore, you are also responsible for career related events and career committee supervision. Lastly, it is the task of Partnership Manager to improve and maintain ESN Rotterdam’s webpage. Looking for more information? Don’t hesitate to contact me by sending an email to