Blogpost by: Floriane van Alphen

Polak overfilled, the library is busy, continuous distractions at home, annoyed over the inability to find a productive studying environment for your upcoming exams- I think we’ve all be there.

For my last exams I often found myself frustrated by this lack of study space, so I decided to venture into Rotterdam to find some ambient places to enjoy a re-energizing coffee and revise. After a week of studying and exploring new corners of the city, I came to realize just how many enjoyable coffee spots there are throughout Rotterdam and that even if I’d try a new place every day, I’d never be able to visit all of them. So, to shorten your search through the countless Google Maps listings, I thought that I would share some of my favorite finds with you!

If you’re a Rotterdam-newbie or just looking to try out a new café, you could try the following: 

1. Bakkerswinkel- a very enjoyable spot right off Oostplein. Although I usually go to study here, I think this is definitely the place to go if you want to go for lunch. The menu is made up of various freshly made cakes, scones, sandwiches, etc., the staff is super friendly and the overall vibe is very relaxed.

2. Tealab- this is more in the center of Rotterdam, and as the name suggests it’s specialized in different types of tea. I would highly recommend sipping on some of their refreshing ‘Cool Koala’ tea whilst reading up on whatever theories you have to study!

3. Dudok- I wouldn’t necessarily suggest this as a study place as it’s quite loud, but it’s definitely a must-do when it comes to places for coffee in Rotterdam. This brasserie has been around for ages and they’re well-known for their traditional ‘Dudok Appelpie’; so, if you’re going here you should definitely add this scrumptious pie to your order.

4. Vers Rotterdam- for those of you who live a little closer to the University this might be the perfect spot for you. Seating-wise this is quite a bit smaller than the rest, but whenever I’ve gone they’ve always still had space and this smaller capacity means that there’s a very calm atmosphere to study in. All of the food is freshly made (‘Vers’ means fresh in Dutch) and absolutely delicious, so it’s great if you’re looking for a cheeky study snack!

5. Baker & Moore- this is one of my most recent finds, but I’d definitely highly recommend it. A short walk away from Beurs, this is a very ambient place to grab a coffee and lose yourself in your study books. Quick tip- they have a delicious breakfast for 12.50 p.p. if two of you order it!


I hope that this list has given you a rough idea of some of the endlessly many coffee place throughout our beloved Rotterdam, and if you do go to try them out I truly hope you enjoy them!