Brigit van der Goes - Marketing Manager ESN Board 2017/2018

My name is Brigit van der Goes and I’m the Marketing Manager of the 10th board of ESN-Rotterdam. More than 21 years ago I was born in Kwintsheul; a tiny village in the west of the Netherlands. The 100% Dutchness is not a surprise for most students since you can already guess when you see me walking around with my 1.84m (or biking of course).  I moved to our beautiful city Rotterdam to study Communcation and Media. I’m super interested the various aspects of communication and next year I will most likely start a master in Marketing Management. Next to my studies, I love doing sports, specifically handball and rowing. Here in Rotterdam I am also part of the rowing association Skadi where I spend a lot of my free time as a rower, coach or just for ‘gezelligheid’. Also I like to have good nights out with friends, watch movies and travel!

Why the ESN Board?

In 2016-2017 I studied a semester abroad in San Diego. There, I joined an international student association which organized several events and meetings. Because of those people I got to know the city and I was able to meet so many people from all over the world. They contributed a huge deal to my amazing experience abroad. I realized there are people arriving in Rotterdam like I arrived in San Diego at that time. I wanted to give something back to the international community and help (exchange) students to have their best time here in Rotterdam, so when I arrived back in Rotterdam I got in touch with ESN. After my graduation, I decided to take a gap year to distance me a bit from studying all the time, which is why I was quite interested in a board year. I could help students and develop my professional skills at the same time. Moreover, the great international environment in ESN including students from all over the globe was something that attracted me as well. I did not know exactly what I could expect, but I decided to take on the challenge! And I can say with certainty that I have never regretted it for a second.

Why Marketing Manager?

During my studies I became very interested in marketing and advertising specifically. Being a Marketing Manager in ESN, hands you the opportunity to lead the marketing of the number one international student association in Rotterdam, which is something I definitely aspired. Moreover, I wanted to bring messages across to the international student audience and in that way be a helping hand for them in finding the best opportunities to socialize and develop themselves. Not only was this position in line with my interests, it was also something that I already had experience in due to the work I have done in my studies and my internship. In short, this position would allow me the chance to develop myself in a field that I would like to pursue a career in and at the same time help international students find a home in Rotterdam.

Function description

As the Marketing Manager of ESN-Rotterdam you are responsible of the image and the brand of ESN-Rotterdam, which entails a wide range of tasks. Mainly, you are in charge of the media channels such as the ESN Rotterdam Facebook page, Instagram and the newsletter. This entails communicating well with the other board members and their committees in order to make sure their events are promoted well and effectively and all the content is up to date. It is up to you how you want to target the right audiences and activate them. Online there is also a lot of room for content marketing. Via photo’s, videos and blog posts you will try to answer the question: what is ESN-Rotterdam doing? Additionally, you are also responsible for offline marketing through for instance posters, flyers, flags, outfits and merchandise.Your main goal is getting more and more students involved, both Dutch and international. Moreover, you will aim for a higher response rate and getting them involved more actively. As the Marketing Manager, you are expected to think out of the box and continuously come up with creative solutions to reach the target groups. Of course, you will not work on this alone, your Marketing Committee and the Marketeers in the other committees will support you on this journey! Do you want to find out more about being a Marketing Manager in the ESN-Rotterdam board? Don’t hesitate to contact me via! I’m always down for a good conversation over a drink 😉