Hi everyone,
This is the Cultural committee! We are here to bring you lots of activities that allow you to get to know each other in many different ways. A great example is our food events which we usually combine with social activities, for example our famous "Speed Friending" and Pub-quiz. If you are into music we host the Open Stage Nights at the Pavilion where every attendant can perform or sing (you can as well!). Next to this, we also organize several movie nights throughout the year like the open air cinema and silent cinema night.There is definitely enough variety in events for everyone!
We encourage you to come to our events since you will meet some amazing people here and it's great way to make new friends and have fun!


Top row: Domante Bernotaite, Emilia Setyanda, Robert Muntean, Patrick Sondak
Bottom row: Emil Kichukov