Luca Sartorio

Luca Sartorio – Secretary – 2019/2020

About me

Hey! I’m Luca and I will be the Secretary of the 12th Board of ESN Rotterdam.
Born in Chicago and raised in Rio, coming from a family with various nationalities (try guessing them!) and having done three exchange programs in high school and university made me realize how nice is to be in contact with different cultures. I studied Economics for two years in my home town, but when I went for an exchange to study International Business in London, it made me realize how I am closer to that field. This is the reason why I started International Business at Erasmus University, where I’m currently in my second year alongside being in the Board of ESN.

Why a board year?

Last year I joined two committees of different associations and also did Dutch language courses, which made my schedule pretty tight while studying for the first year of my bachelor. For this year, I wanted to dive deeper into one single association, so doing a board year made a lot of sense to me. I have participated in different events from ESN over the past year, especially its famous ESN Tuesdays, but what caught my attention was their will to grow and professionalize itself. These qualities together with being  a welcoming and sociable association were decisive for my decision to join. The workload so far is what was promised, challenging, but at the end of the day I am very motivated to do something that impacts so many students. One of this year’s objectives for our board is not only to create a welcoming environment for the internationals but also to bring them together with the Dutch. This proximity, in my view, can benefit the locals even more! I am very excited to work together with my board for the rest of this year, I am sure we will keep the ESN name strong and even more visible.

Function description

Obviously, this function has to deal with different kinds of ‘classical’ secretary tasks. Taking notes during board meetings, being the first contact person of our organization and making sure all information goes through to the right board member and/or committee. Besides this, the secretary takes care of the office hours schedule (so there are always board members present in the office to help out visitors). The function does not only entail internal communication though. For instance, the secretary is in touch with the international officers on campus to discuss practical manners and seek ways to improve our services to international students.

The secretary is also the so-called ‘buddy coordinator’. This means that they are responsible for the buddy program. The secretary is responsible for recruiting and training the buddies, making sure all incoming students are being matched to a buddy and host events for the buddies and their students.  Since the buddy program exploded in size over the past years, a challenge for the upcoming year is to create a good system in order to maintain the quality of the program.


Life after ESN // Emma Smit – Hamilton // First Board

The year as board member of ESN-Rotterdam gave me a taste of running an organization and working closely with team members. Besides these valuable insights it also gave me the opportunity to meet and work with new people – both students and staff – from all faculties at EUR.  Being in  the founding board, we mostly spent our time on setting up this new student organisation; while also trying to plan the first activities. Working with different personalities made this for quite some interesting yet challenging discussions; but an end result we were (are!) all incredibly proud of. My absolute highlight was the first Official Welcome in February 2009 – where we finally got to see all our planning and paperwork in action in the form of 300 super excited international students in CB-5! I can wholeheartedly recommend a board year, as it gives you a great opportunity to develop the practical skills required in your career. And on top of that – ESN-Rotterdam just has such a great variety of events, ranging from social to cultural, and sports with a group of students that is here to make the absolute most of their time in Rotterdam!