Yashita Atmaram

Yashita Atmaram – Marketing Manager – 2018/2019

About me

Hi there, my name is Yashita and I come from a small island in the Caribbean called Saint Martin. Interesting fact about home: it’s half French and half Dutch. Interesting fact about me: I have Indian heritage, which makes me a third culture kid. I completed my Bachelor’s in International Business Administration last year and currently doing my Master’s in Marketing Management (surprise, surprise). Having grown up on a very diverse island, it was very easy for me to adapt to the international classroom this university provided me. Let’s reflect for a second. I originally didn’t plan on moving to the Netherlands four years ago. But after doing some light research about EUR, I was convinced that it was the place for me. Coming from such a small island with a relaxed and very warm climate, Rotterdam was definitely a change of pace for me. I now walk just as fast as the Dutch do, but I have yet to bike like the Dutch do. One step at a time, right.

Why a board year?

I got into the habit of participating in extracurricular activities during high school. I was part of the Interact Club, the Yearbook Club, the Leo Club; there was always something. My mom always used to tell me, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”. I learned to keep myself busy, and the beauty of it was that I genuinely enjoyed volunteering my time and making a difference in the community around me. When I got back from my internship in my final year of my Bachelor, I happen to visit the ESN office with a friend since she wanted a discount for the gym. Since I knew most associations recruited for committee members in the beginning of the year, I refrained from asking about the possibility of joining them. As soon as I was almost out the door, I just suddenly decided to ask. In that moment of courage, little did I know that the next year and a half would change my life. Fast-forward five months of being a Marketing Committee member, I now faced the decision of pursuing a board year or not.

Knowing that combining it with a Master’s degree would be tough, I decided to go with it anyways. Marketing Manager was everything I wanted it to be and more; from the designing work to managing the social media channels. Yes, I thought I was too shy to do a board year, but I was sure that I would put 110% of myself into it. This was enough to convince me of taking upon this challenge. Being an international student myself, I knew that my perspective of the student life in Rotterdam would only help ESN become better.

Why Marketing Manager

I developed a liking towards design when I was in the Yearbook Club in high school. For the five years that I was a part of it, we used Adobe Photoshop. Since my Bachelor did not go into depth about marketing, I pursued an internship in it instead. This experience really gave me a peek into what that department was responsible for; from newsletters, e-mails, merchandise to magazines, social media, and promotional videos. I already knew going into my Bachelor that marketing was something I would want to go into, because it would allow me to be in the same realm where designing happens. It wouldn’t matter if I was making the designs or not. Even if I just had a hand in creating a concept for a campaign, I would be more than happy. When people ask me “Why marketing?”, I keep thinking that I have been unknowingly and knowingly taking a step in the right direction regarding my ideal career. By taking on the internship, it solidified my interest in this field. Being able to persuade and convince consumers and relay messages to a particular, niche audience in a creative way is what I hoped to achieve in this board year. It also helps that a lot that I do is behind-the-scenes (yay for being shy). Not only have I learned so much more about marketing tactics, but also about how people react to those. My biggest goal this year was to create a more cohesive brand, and slowly but surely we are on our way to that!

Function description

This year, I am in charge of not one, but two committees: Marketing and Content. Apart from managing both committees and weekly meetings, a lot of my time is either spent on Facebook or Instagram (to the dismay of my President). I’m joking (a little). The two main social media platforms we use are Instagram and Facebook. When it comes to the first, I am mainly in charge of covering our events on our Stories. The more events, the better. If I wasn’t able to attend an event, a fellow board member would send me content to post online. The Facebook, on the other hand, I have full control over. From launching all events to posting promotional posts for each event, nothing passes me. All the photos which are posted online are also filtered by me.

Another big part is designing. All of the Facebook event covers are made by yours truly. It doesn’t stop there, though. Majority of the promotional materials we ordered (e.g. flyers, posters, banners, billboards) were also a part of my function. This requires both strategic planning of a campaign and designing it. From concept to product, everything is managed by the Marketing Manager.

One of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks of the Marketing Manager is keeping an overview of the promotion of all 100+ events we have every year. I have 2 documents which help get me through the year. The first is a general overview of all upcoming events which includes, deadlines for event details, launch date, and promotion time. The second sheet helps me plan and manage all the Facebook content. It references launch dates from the first sheet and schedules promotion posts for each individual event. The goal of this sheet is to give a more detailed planning of what needs to be posted in which group or event on which day. It gives you a good idea of how much content is being published to our followers and allows me to spread out the promotion evenly over the year (no one likes spam right?).

Don’t let all the planning scare you away, though. It was a skill that I learned over the year in order to keep my mind de-cluttered, which allows you to prioritize the most important tasks. If you have any questions or would like for me to show how I do my tasks on a daily, feel free to contact me at +31618341070 or marketing@esn-rotterdam.nl.