Sports Committee

To think ESN is all about partying would be a bit short-sighted. We know (and hopefully you do too) that life is all about balance. This is why we also offer monthly health and well-being events to our international students.

These events range from the ESN League, Lasergaming, Bubble football, and high ropes all the way to trips to go trampoline jumping or organising a charity run. What kind of events are going to be planned exactly is completely up to the ESN Sports Committee and we are always open to new suggestions and ideas from outside as well. The overall goal is to offer a wide range of different sports activities so that as many interests as possible are covered. We also encourage our Sports Committee to cooperate with other Committees within ESN and other Student Associations here at EUR in order to help each other with one own expertise. The work consists of weekly meetings where you will discuss the current organization of the upcoming events and the implementation of the events themselves.

If you are into sports and would like to meet like-minded people while contributing actively with your own creative ideas, the Sports Committee will be perfect for you!

Workload: 4 – 6 hours per week