Sports Committee

To think ESN is all about partying would be a bit short-sighted. We know (and hopefully you do too) that life is all about balance. To enhance and maintain this balance we challenge you, we challenge you with a great variety of monthly sports events. If you are into sports and like meeting a lot like-minded people, our monthly sports event is something for you! The sports committee is taking care of organizing all kinds of sports events and is very much open to new suggestions! The committee aims to offer a broad range of activities, but this can always be improved, make sure to drop by one of our events to share your skills and your insights!

Workload: 8 – 10 hours per week

Currently, the committee selection process has been closed. Keep an eye out for another (optional) round in January/ February!

Top row: Mai, Tom, Elsa // Bottom row: Gerrit, Barbara, Amirtya