Pursue Your Passions: Workshop

People tell us that we should choose work that we love, but how can we find this out? And once we discover this, what tangible steps can we take to make this a reality? To solve these questions...

ESN Rotterdam presents, in cooperation with Extraordinary Life Sessions, the “Pursuing Your Passions” workshop, on the 24th of April at 17:30 o’clock

Through the special combination of continuous reflection and life experimentation, Extraordinary Life founder, Tom Marshall, will inspire you to begin an exciting journey of self-discovery. You will learn how to identify your passions and gain the confidence to release your chains and pursue them!

About the Workshop:
In the first part of workshop you will discover your inner talents, define what gives you happiness and discover how you can contribute with your skills. The place where these three points intersect is where your true passion lies. The second part of the workshop will be all about experimenting and better understanding yourself. 

About the speaker:
Alongside his day job as an Innovation Consultant at Deloitte, Tom Marshall is the Founder and Coach of Extraordinary Life. His aim is to radically evolve society's view of work and education and create a community of millions of people that strive to live an extraordinary life. To achieve these results, Tom and his organisation help you to ignite your own potential via personal development sessions and a community that meets up regularly.

Excited already?
Excited already to get started? The event will be free of charge but tickets are limited. Stay tuned on this channel for more information. 

You can get your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pursue-your-passions-tickets-44634571204

Monday, 23 April, 2018 - 17:30 to 19:30