Bikes, Bikes everywhere! Your Dutch experience is surely incomplete if you haven’t cycled in the Netherlands, which boasts of an incomparable bicycle-friendly infrastructure and of equally enthusiastic cyclists.

To help you integrate better into the cycling culture of the Netherlands, ESN Rotterdam is now a partner of Hans Struijk, located near Meent. They are known for selling high-quality bicycles and for their friendly customer service. With a wide variety of bicycle accessories, Hans Struijk also deals with bike reparations.

And now using your ESN-Card, you can avail of these amazing new offers at Hans Struijk:

  • 10% off on all bicycles that are not on sale
  • A discount of €5,- on the Abus Lonus 8900 chain, which is a verified bike chain for insurances
  • A discount of 10% on all the materials in the workplace and store