DepoClaim helps tenants in recovering their paid deposit. It often occurs that landlords no longer
reply to letters or call upon unclear reasons to withhold the deposit. DepoClaim represents and helps
(ex)-tenants who are experiencing these problems.
DepoClaim has thorough knowledge of Dutch rental law and represents you in your claim against the
landlord. This means that all frustrating legal steps are taken care of. DepoClaim works with the No
Cure No Pay principle. As long as DepoClaim does not succeed in recovering your claim, you will not
pay anything for the services of DepoClaim.
Have you rent accommodation in the Netherlands within the last five years and did you not receive
your deposit back? Or does the landlord resort to vague arguments to withhold your deposit?
DepoClaim eagerly wants to help you in reclaiming your deposit!

Contact DepoClaim via or check the website for more
DepoClaim. Your deposit in the right hands.