Please keep the following in mind when you would like to participate in an ESN event:

- there are 2 ways to pay:

          1)in the ESN office between 12h00 and 15h00 from Monday till Friday ( )

          2)via the ESN website (

- if you have an ESNcard, check if the event offers a discount for ESNcard holders.

- problems caused using ticketscript (not receiving confirmation etc.) most be addressed to both and as recipients.

- most of the events have a maximum number of participants, make sure to pay before the event sells out!

- click attend on the Facebook event for all relevant information and updates regarding the event.

- By participating at an ESN-Rotterdam event you accept that you take full responsibility for your own well-being and that ESN Rotterdam cannot be held accountable for any physical or psychological harm occurred to you during the event. Participants take full responsibility for their own belongings and actions. Therefore ESN-Rotterdam cannot be held accountable for theft, loss or any damage during an event. Participation is at own risk.