Internship | Promotion Coordinator | Head Office Rotterdam | full time


Become responsible for promoting

Field: Marketing & Promotion


Time period

  • Start date: 17 January 2017 (flexible)
  • End date: 31 August 2017 (flexible)
  • 40 hours per week;

Your Responsibilities

You will be responsible for managing the promotion campaigns of Housing Anywhere. You will be working from our office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As a Promotion Coordinator you will develop a Relations & Marketing strategy and guide your team through the Marketing & Promotion process and make sure that our platform gains awareness and adds value to our customers around the world.

You will guide a group of students who perform marketing activities at the university campus.


Tasks of the Promotion Coordinator

Main tasks:

  • Launching promotion campaigns at university campuses;
  • Assisting the Head of Department in keeping in touch with the universities;
  • Hiring and managing an online team.

Other (supporting) tasks:

  • Verifying users in our platform;
  • Website translation;
  • Calling users;
  • Preparing meetings at conferences;
  • Other tasks that could help improving the start-up.


Characteristics we are looking for in our Promotion Coordinators:

  • Knowledge about the country: We are looking for Promotion Coordinators are either citizens or have lived in one of the following countries: Germany, Sweden, Norway Denmark, Finland, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain.
  • Language: you should be able to speak two languages: English on an above-average level and be fluent in one of the languages of the above mentioned countries (exception for English natives).
  • Independent: The ability to work independently (you report directly to the Management) and to demonstrate leadership.
  • Structured: The ability to work in a structured manner; the only way to make sure that Housing Anywhere will not become a victim of its own growth, is to be very organized. You will need to work according to specific checklists of our framework and develop the checklists yourself if they do not yet exist.
  • Persistent: You will be guiding a Promotion Team. A central characteristic of good promotion people is that they are very persistent: they should be able to get many rejections and still continue their job. You should therefore be as persistent as they should be: motivating them to keep on going and keep on selling this product over and over again.
  • Productive and motivated worker: We need someone who is a hard worker and is really passionate about Housing Anywhere. You will work 40 hours a week, but should Housing Anywhere grow much more rapidly than expected, we are looking for people who are willing to go the extra mile. It has happened that our interns had to work on a Sunday. Although this is not common, you should be prepared for it!
  • Energetic, optimistic and imaginative power: you need to motivate a team of students, also in bad times.
  • Willing to do simple tasks: your title will be Promotion Coordinator and you have quite some responsibility. However, on the other hand there is nobody ‘below’ you in our office. This means you also need to complete simple tasks, for example, preparing excel sheets, replacing a logo on our website, emptying the dishwasher etc. It won’t be your main job, but these things will be part of the job.



The internship allowance is 650€ per month (additionally, you can try to apply for the Erasmus+ grant).


Cool Things

  • This is not your average internship: You are directly responsible for everything that will happen in your area of responsibility, which is cool if things go right (and which is not cool when your country underperforms…).
  • You will develop your promotion, negotiation, leadership, and business communication skills
  • You will instruct an online team of 5-16 people; Leading online teams is a skill that is very good to have, since a lot of international companies are moving from country teams to online teams as well.
  • Our team consists of 50 people, with 20 nationalities. with most people in our office being between 21-30 years old; also having this experience of working in an international work environment will be a good element to have on your CV.
  • You will be working in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, in the student neighbourhood of Kralingen. Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands and is one hour by train from the capital Amsterdam.



Send an email to Sanne at hrm [at]