Jennie Wang - Social Events Manager ESN Board 2017/2018

Hi! My name is Jennie Wang and I am the Social Events Manager of the 10th board of ESN-Rotterdam. I am turning 24 this year (the day before King’s Day!). I am born in Guangzhou, China, and moved to The Netherlands when I was four years old.  I currently live in the beautiful city The Hague and study Business Administration at Erasmus University. I’m most famous for eating and drinking a lot, but I always burn the excessive calories at the gym and our ESN Tuesdays, the best student party in Rotterdam.

Why ESN Board?

I have been in the ESN Marketing committee in 2016 and have met lots of people through ESN. After one year of being an active member, I focused on my studies. When I was looking back at my (lack of) achievements, I thought I had to do something about it. It was fate that brought ESN and me back together. The day I saw the recruitment ad was also the deadline date. I had very little time to contemplate about it, but the familiarity with ESN gave me the confidence to just go for it. It was quite a spontaneous decision, but I still have no regrets. It’s one of the best decisions I made in my life.

Why Social Events Manager? 

Even though back then the only available positions for application were Social or Cultural Events Manager, those two were my preferred choices anyways. When I was active as a marketing associate, I liked working closely with the Social Events committee members. The event organization aspect was something that really spoke to me. I have always been a very creative person and organized many big birthday parties, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to have the chance to create events/parties on a grand scale.

Function description

As a Social Events Manager, it is of importance that you have the required coordination and management skills. You are responsible for organizing both the social and the sport events. This means that you need to organize six to seven events per month, including attending them and other ESN events as well. This requires many hours and you therefore need great time management. You also need to manage your two teams while working closely together with the marketing committee. This will add up to the time you spend on being a Social Events Manager. Team work is of great importance, but being able to step up as a team leader is needed for keeping the team harmony. Another required asset is creativity. You will need to come up with several themes for parties and ideas for the design and execution of the events. Also, you and your team will have great influence on the promotional aspects of the events. During events, it is possible that things do not go as planned. Therefore, the Social Events Manager needs to be quick with solving unexpected problems and stay coolheaded at all times. In the end, people will only remember the great event you have organized with the ESN team, while you will learn every time behind the scenes!  Looking for more information? Don’t hesitate to contact me by sending an email to