Marketing is an essential part of ESN; you probably wouldn't know about any event without us...

The Marketing Committee is responsible for letting you know what is going on in ESN. They keep you up to date about ESN events on our website, Facebook and Instagram page, but also in real life! 

What does a committee member do?

As part of the Marketing Committee you can be responsible for the PR and designing. You can work on the general ESN promotion, flyering and designing posters,flyers and banners for events. Moreover, you can create a newsletter every month and come up with craziest and funniest promotion stunts. 

Within the Marketing Committee there will also be ‘events journalists’. They keep people up to date about what happens at various ESN events. They will do this by writing articles/blogs or taking over the Instagram for instance.

There is also room for marketing research in this committee to find out what people think about our events and how we can enhance them.

The good news is…. WE ARE RECRUITING!

Are you ready to take up a new challenge? And do you see yourself working in the Marketing Committee of ESN Rotterdam? APPLY NOW!

In the meantime, make sure to like and follow our channels and don’t miss out! ;)


Last year's Marketing Committee:

Names: Top - Cuong Hoang, Carolin Llorens, Ioana Traistaru, Floriane van Alphen, Sven Leidenbach 
              Bottom- Jesscia Sarah, Utsa Bhatia, Kati Mattila