10 Pieces of Advice I have Learned so far in College

Hello everyone, these past few months have been intense but the school year will be ending soon. Whether this is your first or second year in EUR, you still have time left to finish university. Therefore, here are some tips from us on improving your university life before you finish your time here.

1. Grades are not the most important thing.

You may have failed a class, or have gotten lower than you have expected. Believe me, I do understand how you feel but do not forget that grades do not play a big role as much as you think.

2. Spend more time with your friends.

I spent most of my first year, studying in my dorm room. However, as I became better with time management I saw that you can have best of both worlds. I regret not spending more time with my friends especially during my first year.

3. If you are feeling stressed, it is okay.

Prioritize your health. There have been a lot of times when I felt like I was going through a burnout. Nothing is more important, then your well-being. Feeling better will help your life-style and help with productivity.

4. Ask for help.

If you are stuck on something or if you need to talk to someone, go for it! Asking for help will make you a better learner.

5. Develop yourself.

Whatever bachelor you are studying, not every topic may seem interesting to you. Most of the time, you should spend time on things that you like other than your studies. There are a lot of courses online that can make this a reality.

6. Sign up to become a board or committee member.

You will get to meet more people and get to experience being a student in a whole new perspective. On the other hand, having extracurricular activities like this is good for your CV.

7. Time-management is the key to everything.

In my second year, I realized that I have more time for my friends because I planned everything about school ahead. I used two apps to manage my time: Momentum and Google Calendar.

8. Decorate your room.

I think I started liking my room a lot more when I could personalize it with small bits and pieces such as photos, tickets of places you have been, mugs etc.

9. Active approach to studying.

Taking an active approach to your studies means that you will remember more in long-term. I also realized that, I find my mistakes as well as things I do not understand easier by using this method. Check out this video, if you want to learn more.

10. Enjoy your time starting/left at EUR.

Spend more time on yourself and with your friends. Create memories that will make you say: Those were the good old days. Join extracurricular activities and take breaks from school time to time. Remember, all good things come to an end too.

Written by Birsu Obalar, from the Content Committee