ESN Clubs

Each ESN Club organises regular events and meet-ups for like-minded students with a shared interest. All of our clubs have a WhatsApp group chat where ESN organizes events but you can also connect with other students! You can sign up via the form below to get started! Below you can find more information about different clubs.

Chess Club

The ESN Chess Club is a fantastic opportunity to meet other students who are looking to play chess together! Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been playing for years, you will be able to find someone to play with at the club. Get excited for our monthly tournaments and other fun events for chess lovers! Join our WhatsApp group chat to be able to organise your own meet-ups and play in-person or online with other members as soon as possible!

Arts and Craft Club

The Arts and Craft club organises monthly events revolving around arts and crafts such as Sip and Paint and Mug painting activities! But of course, we encourage you to also organise your own get-togethers with other members throughout the year!

Movie Club

In this movie club, ESN wants to connect like-minded people with our love for movies. From indies and under-appreciated gems to big blockbuster IMAX experiences, we love all movies!❤️ Together we will go to cinemas, have drinks, and talk about movies throughout the whole academic year💯🔥 Feel free to ask whether people would be down to join you to go see a movie!

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