10 places to travel nearby

By Sana Sardar

Every one of us needs a break or a little getaway once in a while. Lucky for us, there are many nearby places to go to, even for a day when studying in Rotterdam. Most of the lovely cities in Netherlands are just a sprinter away and take maximum 1-2 hours to reach. Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s get right into it and see where all we can go!

  1. Delft: This looks like a mini Amsterdam but without all the tourists and crowded streets. Delft is filled with beautiful canals, churches, museums and lots of little shops to get some cute crafts and pottery. And the best part is that it’s only about 15 minutes away by sprinter.
  2. Kinderdijk: When people talk about the Netherlands, they often think of windmills. Well this is a great way to see a lot of windmills (19 to be exact) that were built many, many years ago. Make a day out of it: rent a bike, ride through the windmills and grab a good spot to have some lunch!
  3. The Hague: This is honestly one of my favourite cities in the Netherlands. I feel like its a mix of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and it also has a little bit of its own charm. AND my favorite part is that there’s a beach with a beautiful ferris wheel. Although summer months are best to visit to enjoy and relax on the beach, i can assure you it’s pretty lovely in the winter months as well.
  4. Lisse: Ever seen the famous colourful tulips in the Netherlands. The town of Lisse is home to the Keukenhof Gardens. Its best to visit during the months of March to May because the tulips are at full bloom during these months. It’s honestly so beautiful!
  5. Eindhoven: Although Eindhoven is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, it seems extremely modern with its amazing designs and the advanced technology. Oh, and if you want to travel to some beautiful and warm places like Malta, Portugal, Spain, etc you can get cheap flights as low as 50 euros via the Eindhoven airport!
  6. Maastricht: If you’re interested in exploring the culture and history of cities, then Maastricht is the place for you! Apart from visiting caves and fortresses you can enjoy the monumental houses,city walls, and explore deeper within the city.
  7. Leiden: Another beautiful city with canals, museums and great history. But what’s different about Leiden? Well, for starters it has a beautiful botanical garden with beautiful tulips that are open for the public to see. If you love nature as well as history, go check it out.
  8. Utrecht: Did you know that Utrecht is known to be one of the most bike-friendly cities in the Netherlands. That’s right, it’s not like Amsterdam where you have to stop for pedestrians every 2 minutes to reach your final destination. Apart from this you can enjoy its beautiful churches and cafes and spend a lovely day there.
  9. Dordrecht: This is one of the oldest cities in Holland with many museums and old warehouses. But what’s great about Dordrecht is you can enjoy the beautiful city by its water and explore its wealthy history.
  10. Amsterdam: And of course last but not least, AMSTERDAM! I’m sure I don’t even need to elaborate on what to do here because we all know it’s a must-see?

If you have a spare day in your week, visit one of these cities and get acquainted with Holland’s beautiful culture and history. The best part is that all these cities are super close to Rotterdam and they are pretty cheap to get to. What are you waiting for? Start planning your next trip!