11 Apps You Need

We’ve got some handy-dandy apps every student needs from time to time while in the Netherlands to make your life easier!

  1. Thuisbezorgd: For all the times you’ve been sick of your boring sandwich, or the weather is too bad to get out of the house, thuisbezorgd is your solution. It’s a user-friendly delivery app, with a bunch of options depending on your range and taste buds.
  2. AlleFolders: Low on a budget but still need your basics to survive the month? This is the best app hack. It has catalogues for all stores right from supermarkets to hardware shops and electronics as well. It’s really easy to use, and is a life saver whenever you’re in need of discounts.  
  3. Mint: Always low on money halfway through the month? This app will help you keep your budget in order. You can link it to your bank account, and tweak it to your liking. It alerts you when you go over-budget and at the end of the month you get a neat summary.
  4. 9292: When you’re just lazy to bike, or need to catch a train to go to the airport, 9292 is the most accurate app which provides information on all public transports.
  5. NS: Another favourite for everyone is the NS app, it’s more accurate than 9292. It even lets you know about delays due to problems on the tracks.
  6. Flixbus: While we’re at transportation, this is an app for all the people who want to travel but are broke. Hop on to a bus to any city you want to go for a really cheap price, maybe even cheaper with an ESN discount.
  7. Google Translate: For all the internationals out there who just can’t get the hang of Dutch, this app is always handy, especially in supermarkets.
  8. Buienradar: Sadly, this app is in Dutch, however the graphics won’t let you down. It notifies you when the random showers start, so you can plan on being outdoors accordingly.
  9. WieBetaaltWat: Can’t keep track of all your expenditures when living in a house with 4 people? This app will help stop all the bickering. Just make an account, invite your flatmates and update it with all your expenses and split the costs equally at the end of the month.
  10. Unilife: Partnered with only some universities, it will help you find out about all recruitment events, parties and trips happening on campus. It’s literally all you want!
  11. EUR Study Rooms: If you’re the kind who like to study on campus all the time, but can never wake up early to save a spot for yourself, this is for you. This app will tell you the available rooms that are free on campus.

Hope this makes your life a bit easier and eats up all your space on your phone!

Written by: Malvika Mayani