11 Things to Do in Rotterdam During Spring

After a long March, April always puts a little spring in my step! Spring in Rotterdam is full of surprises! You’ll know it’s time when everyone is out and about with the happiest of faces, cycling around the city and enjoying the long sunshine hours. Let’s get right into it: what does Rotterdam have to offer during this beautiful season?

  1. Picnic: As soon as the sun comes out probably every person in Rotterdam can be found at Kralingse Plas/Bos at some point or the other: whether they’re students, children and or adults! This is the perfect place to go to have a nice picnic and lie in the sun. You can also go to Museum Park, Zuider Park or Het park if you’re looking for new parks to visit.
  2. Swimming: Although the water at the lake in Kralingse Plas is still cold you can take a dip to cool down after being exposed to the sun for a long while.
  3. BBQ: Around every corner of the city, you’ll find luscious greenery where you can enjoy a nice BBQ. Once again Kralingse Plas is the perfect place to do this since you can enjoy the sun in the day and have a BBQ during the perfect weather in the evening
  4. Paddleboarding: With the Erasmus Sports pass you can rent paddle boards at the lake for a small fee and enjoy the calm water with your friends.
  5. Local Markets: Every Saturday and Tuesday enjoy the fresh local markets outside Markthal to get delicious fruits and blooming flowers brought to us by the beautiful season of spring.
  6. Boating: The whole city of Rotterdam is surrounded by water. Do you know what that means? BOAT TOUR! This is the perfect weather to go for a nice ride in the water. One option is a Spido tour which takes you around Rotterdams port, but of course you can simply take the water taxi to enjoy some fresh air and hit some waves. You can also go on the SS Rotterdam boat to enjoy a nice meal or drink on the deck.
  7. Walking Tour: If you haven’t explored the city enough, this is the best time to go for a walking tour and get acquainted with the city properly.
  8. Bicycle Tour: Since we’re in Rotterdam we might as well get the full Dutch experience and cycle around the city. If you don’t want to cycle around Rotterdam you can even go to Kinderdijk to view the windmills on your bicycle.
  9. Botanical Gardens: If you love nature and want to see the city at full bloom, go to Trompenburg botanical gardens and find the most beautiful and colourful plants all around you.
  10. Blijdorp Zoo: If you haven’t been to the zoo already, spring is the perfect time to do so!
  11. ICE CREAM: Sunshine means getting to enjoy ice cream. So eat lots and lots of ice cream!

It’s hopefully going to be a nice and long Spring and Summer, so enjoy it to the max and get that tan you always wanted!

Written by: Sana Sardar