15 Impressive Street Art in Rotterdam You Should Check Out

Rotterdam is widely known for its architectural excellence and closely known for its art and design. Art is seen throughout the streets of Rotterdam, in the form of giant murals, that enrich the street scene. Of the many artworks out on the streets, I have picked 15 that you might find interesting! For the high-quality photos, please refer to the Google Drive.

  1. This is located on the way to Keilewerf 1, Keilestraat 5A. It’s a warehouse area where creative entrepreneurs have their workshops/studios. Its spot is on the outside wall of the compound.

2. The artist’s taste for bright colors and gesture was developed during his travels through Latin America. Once you reach Keilewerf 1, Keilestraat 5A this mural is located on the inside of the compound. (Look for the entrance to this address: Vierhavensstraat 56, 3029 BG Rotterdam)

3. Its combination of strong and bright colors alongside geometric and organic shapes creating a sort of optical illusion in the midst of it all. Not located far from the first two murals listed, head to Keilewerf 2. This mural is located on the side of a warehouse closest to “Sneaky Fitness” on keilestraat.

4. This mural was based on the artist’s study of the reflection given by translucent material, shadows and light. This mural is spotted at Marconistraat 35, 3029 AG Rotterdam on the wall facing the street.

5. Drawn by a Dutch artist from Amsterdam, it combines photo-realism with graffiti of various animals along with bold colors. Walking down Marconistraat 35 to the right you will spot several fishes, this mural stretches for the entirety of the (The fruitvis-) building wall that faces the street.

6. A collaborative effort of two artists that shows a realistic and storytelling mural. Walking further down the street to Marconistraat 95, 3029 AJ Rotterdam you’ll spot the artwork behind the building facing the street.

7. This is a mosaic style black and white painting with a “favela” style concept behind it. This is located on Mauritsplaats 25 3012 CD Rotterdam.

8. The picture does not do it justice for this mural, The dark swirl lines behind that are flanked by the windows giving it depth/3D effect to it. This mural can be found at West-Kruiskade 91, 3014 AN Rotterdam.

9. This was a consignment assigned by a design agency looking for a “yellow alley”. The mural is just shapes in different colors giving just a basic abstract look. This mural is located fairly close to Centraal Station, specifically at Delftseplein 37, 3013 AA Rotterdam, Schiestraat.

10. Mural done by a Brazilian artist who was inspired by folkloric art. The art is located just above DSC4125 Pano on the same building wall.

11. The artist drew this based on a sentence that comes from an old hip hop song and seems to merge different aspects of hip-hop culture. This mural is located as you pass the “yellow alley” mentioned above, located at Schiestraat 40, 3013 AH Rotterdam.

12. This mural is a few steps ahead of the previous, keep walking ahead from the yellow alley till you reach the Luchstingel steps. This a collaboration between an artist and agency giving the area surrounded by bars an after-work workman-like vibe.

13. This is a great 3D type mural with different shades of white and grey This is located at Heer Bokelweg, 3032 AH Rotterdam.

14. With somewhat dark and vibrant colors the mural shows a modern take the artist’s favorite animals, the owl, and fox. This particular mural, among others, were commissioned by the Rotterdam City Council.

15. This mural shows the artist’s movement throughout the world and the names of the artists that were photographed during each stay. This Mural is found near a barbershop on Gouvernestraat 271, 3014 PM Rotterdam.

If you are interested in exploring Rotterdam art this is definitely one of the ways to do it! Visit Rewriters (https://rewriters010.nl/) or download their app on your phone that shows you the route and background information regarding each mural in Rotterdam. Happy mural hunting!

Disclaimer: Please do be careful when taking pictures as some murals maybe on private property and accessing it without permission would be grounds for trespassing.

Written and photographed by: Akash Mattoo