8 of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow in Rotterdam

Written by Sana Sardar

When you move to a new country, you never really know much about it. The best way to gain more knowledge about it is by following city-related Instagram accounts. Not only will you be informed of the new and cool places to visit, but it adds some colour and positivity to your Instagram feed.

  1. esnrotterdam: It would not be our blog without a little self-promotion, right? Keep up with the city and all things student by following our account!
  2. breakfastinrotterdam: This account is a must-follow for everyone, especially if they want to stay up-to-date with all the best breakfast places in Rotterdam. I have found some of my favourite places to eat through this account.
  3. htspt_rotterdam: This account keeps you up-to-date with sites, events and brands in Rotterdam and has an extremely aesthetic feed.
  4. rotterdamcityblog: This account captures all the bright and colourful spots in Rotterdam which inspire people (me) to go visit them as well!
  5. openrotterdam: This is actually a television station with its own Instagram account, giving you the perfect opportunity to keep up with what is going on in Rotterdam.
  6. rotterday: This is more like a free city map that guides you to all the great spots in Rotterdam!
  7. rottergram: If you like looking at high-quality images, then this is the page to follow. It has very fine quality images of Rotterdams monuments and more!
  8. rotterdam_info: Once again very high-quality images of Rotterdam’s finest places which allows you to discover architecture, attractions and more. Their story highlights differ from food, events, architecture, art and much more! Be sure to follow.

Coming to Rotterdam completely oblivious of the city and culture, these accounts have given me a great deal of knowledge about the beautiful city, so make sure to check them out!