8 Shows to Binge-Watch if You’re Procrastinating

Are you procrastinating? We can help with that. Ok so this should be your ultimate list if you’re too bored with life and want to waste your time. DISCLAIMER: You might not find these on Netflix!

  1. Altered Carbon: A sci-fi about body swapping, set 360 years in the future. It involves mystery (about a murder!), romance and action. It thrives with detail so make sure you pay attention. The first 10 episodes are out, but who knows if we will ever get a Season 2.
  2. Westworld: Imagine having your own themed amusement park where you can fulfill your own desires. Cool right? Unless there’s a malfunction. This show combines western and sci-fi. It has 2 seasons, so enough for you to binge through you the weekend.
  3. Mr. Robot: It is a little old compared to the ones mentioned, but our dearest Rami Malek is in it and all 3 seasons are out, so it is a must-watch! This isn’t sci-fi but rather a thriller based on conspiracy and hacking to try to make the world a better place, but it is not so easy.
  4. Sense8: Another sci-fi, based on “sensates” who are emotionally and mentally linked to one another and live in different parts of the world. It’s really complicated initially but definitely worth it! It connects different kinds of communities, delves on sexuality and gender identity and has a good plot. You won’t get bored of this one.
  5. Bob’s Burgers: Sometimes university gets stressful and you need to watch 5,000 episodes of brainless television. This is it!
  6. Paradise PD: This one, on the other hand, has only 10 episodes, but it has great content and some adult animation.
  7. Killing Eve: If you love some nice drama psychopath stuff, this one’s for you! I really think its an underrated show; its has comedy, tragedy and thrills. It currently has 2 seasons and will keep you on your toes the whole time.
  8. The end of the f***ing world: This one is a bit like Bonnie and Clyde. It’s about teenagers not living their most basic like and definitely is on the edgier and darker side of the spectrum. You can definitely finish it in a day and Season 2 is comes out soon, in case you really get hooked.

Hope I haven’t been a bad influence on you and you enjoy indulging. Now, maybe consider getting back to work?

Written by: Malvika Mayani