9 Picturesque Spots in Rotterdam

Are you looking to up your instagram feed game? Or perhaps looking to snap some cool shots of Rotterdam? Well look no more, because I have 9 picturesque spots in Rotterdam, handpicked by our very own talented photographer. For the high quality photos, please refer to Google Drive.

Luchtsingel: This is hands down my favorite spot. I am guilty of going here once in a while and posing for that nice picture to post on my Instagram. You can find a yellow bridge stairs located in luchtsingel, which looks really nice in pictures. If you also go down the stairs, you will find a painted wall, which is very picturesque. The bonus point is that the painting on the wall is change often so you get multiple pretty pictures.  


Groene Verbinding Bridge: This bridge is located at Krabbedijkestraat and was opened in June 2014. The bridge has such an intricate design, where you can’t help yourself but take a picture. It is mainly a bridge for cycling and walking, but you can also stop to get that perfect shot.

Wilheminnaplein Metro Station:  I know what you’re thinking; I didn’t know metro stations could be pretty either. But if you manage to find the right spot and angle, I promise it will be worth it. Just go and see for yourself.

Murals Baan & Witte de Withstraat: Rotterdam is a city with lots of different beautiful murals. There are many different ones laid out in different parts of the city. You can find different murals in the Witte de withstraat, all it takes is a little exploring. While your in Witte de withstraat eating, drinking and having make sure to also stop and snap a picture.

  • Het Industriegebouw: This building used to be there before the war, but with the new generation coming, they built it back up from scratch. It now has been adapted by many different startups and small businesses. If you go up to the top floor and then take a snap of the spiral stair while looking down, I guarantee it is going to make an amazing picture.

Hope you are convinced enough to go and take some pictures, at least at some of these spots. Enjoy exploring Rotterdam!

Written by: Bethiah Getenet Negussie
Photography by: Akash Mattoo