9 Tips to Find the Perfect Internship

Every summer, many university students look for ways to spend their free time productively, and one such way to do so is by landing a great internship. Interning at companies is the perfect way to get some great experience before you step into the real world and start your actual job. Being an IBCoM student, it was mandatory for me to get an internship to complete my second year. So to help you out ill be sharing all the tips that came in handy when I was looking for an internship!

  • Customize your resume: Normally students think that they can make one resume and send it to multiple companies. Wrong. Every company is different and customizing your resume to meet those specific companies needs can always be a great help. Highlight things about yourself that the company you’re applying for is looking for in an ideal candidate since it’ll make you stand out!
  • Quantity is key: Don’t just pick and choose 4-5 of your favourite companies. Many times you never end up hearing back from half the places you apply to so it’s always great to have a bunch of backup options. Especially if you have a time limit, it’s not always the best idea to wait until the last moment to hear back from your top choices. Having a backup option can save you, and honestly, many people have ended up loving the internships that were not their first option.
  • Experience: Companies are mostly interested in candidates that already have some prior experience. If you have never done an internship before, try to join organizations in your university to gain some knowledge and experience. It’s a great way to learn, meet new people and grow your network. And of course mentioning it to your resume adds on to your skills.
  • Early Bird: Do your research and send in your application as early as possible. Companies always appreciate when they receive early applications since they have more time to go through the applications. Applying last minute may minimize your chances since the companies may have already found a suitable candidate.
  • Do you research: If you get called in for an interview, make sure you do your research about the company. Go through their social media sites to get a rough idea about how they work, and throw in some things that you’ve learnt about them, during the interview.  Sites such as glassdoor can give you lots of information about many organizations. They’ll definitely appreciate the fact that you came prepared.
  • Try your luck: Many times companies are not looking for interns. However, if working with them seems like a good idea to you, there’s no harm in contacting them. Reach out to them and let them know why you’re interested in the position and how you can benefit them. I actually know people who got an internship with companies that weren’t even looking for interns.
  • Career Fairs: Erasmus University Rotterdam has many career fairs throughout the year. It could be really helpful to visit these fairs to find out more about certain companies. It’s also a great chance to let companies know about your interest towards them. At times, they may offer you an internship then and there.
  • LinkedIn: This one is a bit obvious but post your availability in your LinkedIn bio. It’s also useful to put down some keywords regarding your skills, since that may attract employers to contact you themselves. Update your profile and add all your past experiences, since companies always take a look at these things before calling you in for an interview.
  • Connections: I shouldn’t even have to write this because of how obvious it is but USE YOUR CONNECTIONS. Don’t feel guilty, because it’s a great way for you to get some amazing experience. Many people may be dying for the job that may be available at your fingertips, so use that to your advantage and show the company that hiring you was a great idea!

Hope these tips help you land your perfect internship. Till then, enjoy the rest of your school year!

Written by: Sana Sardar