A Broke Student’s Guide to Save Money

So I keep meeting people (including myself) who keep complaining about not having enough money halfway through the month. Hopefully this helps you in some way because budgeting while in university  is a real struggle!

  1. If your parents send you a lump sum of money, you should divide it and put most of it in your savings, so you can keep track of your monthly expenses.
  2. Try to eat at home, buy in bulk and cook with friends. It’s always fun!
  3. Every supermarket has a bunch of things on discount every week. Try to buy those and survive on it!
  4. Try to bike everywhere, even though the weather is bad most of the times. Transportation costs are really high and expenses just accumulate.
  5. Try to earn your own money by getting a job. It can be being a TA, teaching a language on campus, or just working part time in supermarkets.
  6. Get a budgeting app, I swear it really does help.I suggest Mint.
  7. During exam season or between classes try not to eat on campus, but rather prepare food from home.
  8. Apply for a grant if you can.
  9. Never EVER buy brand new books for your courses, unless completely necessary. Survive on 2nd hand books or PDFs.
  10. Find TAs who can supply you with free print outs and mediocre coffee every now and then.
  11. Invest in a discount card if you are a big spender. It’ll help ease your pocket a bit.
  12. Ask for student discounts everywhere!
  13. For all the girls out there who want to stay on trend, shop during sales. Stores have random sales every now and then. The Unidays app also provides discounts for online shopping.  
  14. Since everyone is into vintage, maybe try shopping in a second-hand shop.
  15. Try to carry cash instead of tapping your debit card EVERYWHERE, since it’s so convenient. Physically handing over the cash makes you think twice about your spending.
  16. Lasty, for nightlife, some clubs have free entrance on some days or entry before a certain time, try to follow that.

It’s actually really hard and exhausting to save money, but oh well, you need to save up to make it rain for a good vacation. Get saving!

Written by: Malvika Mayani