All I want for Christmas is… a gift on a student friendly budget

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Thus, we decided to help you get the perfect presents for your friends based on their dominant personality characteristics.

We know that buying the perfect Christmas gifts is always a challenge, but it can be a fun way to spend your time browsing different options as well! The best way to approach it is to understand what present really fits their character traits. Then it is just a matter of purchasing it and celebrating their happiness once they open it! That is why, the Content Committee is here to provide you with alternatives based on different student friendly budget ranges. Enjoy!  

  1. The “FOODIE” friend

The foodie friend is always ready and excited to cook delicious recipes for the friend group. He/she has your back when you’re starving after class and deserve a tasty meal. You can also have a lot of fun with this friend experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes. Here are 3 ideal gifts for your own Gordon Ramsey!

Under €10: Personalized wooden cooking spoon (€8.86 on

Your foodie friend deserves his/her name written in the kitchen!

10- €15: Delish Ultimate Cocktails book (€13 on

Ideal to prepare the best cocktails, including classic drinks and unique tastes!

15- €25: Mini waffle maker (€20 on

Small and practical guide to delicious waffles!

  1. The “CHILL” friend

We all have that one friend who skips parties to stay at home and binge-watch his/her favorite Netflix show. Some call them lazy but they call themselves “CHILL”. Here are 3 gifts that can make their alone time at home even more relaxing!

 Under €10: Candle with ‘Staying In’ slogan (€8.49 on

A quirky take on a classic candle!

10- €15: 100 Movies Scratch Off Bucket List Poster (€14.97 on

We know how much they love their moves so let’s challenge them to watch 100 movies using this scratch off poster!

15- €25: Bomb Cosmetics Santa Says Relax handmade gift box (€22.50 on

A soothing colorful bath is just what they need!

  1. The “MUSICAL” friend

Our go-to friend for song recommendations and our in-house DJ. He or she loves and breathes everything music. Here are some gifts that are musical enough to make them happy!

Under €10:  Music Box (€7.63 on

You have got hundreds of music boxes with different songs to choose from!

10- €15: Shower Speakers (€11.59

Who doesn’t like some shower music?!

15- €25: Wireless Microphone set (€22.98 on

An ideal gift for a perfect karaoke night with friends and family!

  1. The “SPORTY” friend

Can’t figure out what to get for that friend who spends most of their time at the gym? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! It can seem a bit daunting to relate to that friend who gets up early for a run or manages to squeeze in a workout sesh between those zoom calls. But rest assured knowing that they will love these sporty gifts.

5- €10: Resistance Bands (€7.55 on Amazon)

One can never have too much equipment!

  €10- €20: Neck Gaiter for running outdoors (€15.11 on or Amazon)

Running outdoors in the winter season can get chilly, so what better way to stay warm than by wearing a festive and stylish scarf.

€5- €10: Inflatable Boxing Pillows (€9.23 on Amazon)

We know that your sporty friend can’t sit still for a second and board games just aren’t the way to go. Just remember to play with caution!

€5- €10: Funky Band-aids (2.50 on Amazon)

An extremely practical gift for a sports maniac, because no matter how careful you are band aids will always come in handy.

  1. The “ARTSY” friend

The artsy one will always have the friend group covered with pretty pictures to post on Instagram from one of your gatherings. They can take a picture of the most disgusting piece of garbage and make it look amazing and you’re lowkey jealous. But that’s okay because their many talents like drawing, painting, crafts, or photography make you feel extremely blessed to have such a talented friend.

10- €15: Disposable Camera (13.37 on Amazon)

Capture the most precious moments with your artsy friend!

10- €15: WhatchamaDRAWit Game (14.82 on Uncommongoods)

A fun, fast, and imaginative drawing game with 110 instructional cards.

15- €25: Hand Lettering Workbook (15.12 on Amazon)

15- €25: Phone Lenses (15.18 on Amazon)

  1. The ESN friend

 We all have that friend, who is part of ESN in one way or another. What are some traits that make them stand out? – They enjoy the unexpected i.e. from an unplanned day trip to trying a new dish and even falling in love in the funniest of ways, they could talk for hours about life and beyond and more important they are always there to support you!

Under 10 € Photo frame (€6,99 on

Keep all the best moments framed!

€10- €15: Hedbanz, Quick Question card game for the whole family (€14.34 on Amazon)

We know how much they love card games so let’s challenge them to one of the best!

Happy shopping!

ESN Content Committee