Bars to Check Out

Written by: Malvika Mayani

It is never a bad time to drink, whether the weather is good or bad! If you are still not familiar with the city and its hotspots, this could help. There is a wide variety of bars in Rotterdam depending on your budget and your taste. Some of them are:

  1. Eetcafé Concordia: Every 1st year or new student has been here at least once. It’s close to the university, so it won’t be a struggle to get there. Every Wednesday and Saturday there’s happy hour, and everyday there is a special of the day at an affordable price. If you’re not a drinker, there’s more to do, like play pool or card games, darts, anything! It is very student-oriented and is a chill place to go after a long day to grab a drink and a bite.
  2. The Stirr: This is a more classier and expensive place compared to Concordia. It’s known for its cocktails, which is rare in the Netherlands since the most common alcohol would be beer and wine. The bartenders are creative when you order as they make it to your preference and they don’t even have a menu card. This is located in the city centre and clubs are not far away to make most of your night.
  3. Bar Tender: For someone who loves shots, this is the place to be! This is also in the city centre, so this could be the first stop in your night. You can find over 100 kinds of shots here, and is relatively cheaper than the previous bar. It’s always busy and has a great atmosphere! If this place fascinates you too much, you can even join their workshop to learn more.
  4. Cafe Stalles: If you love beers, whiskey or pizza, this cafe has tons of options to fulfil your needs. It has more than 80 types of beers and over 115 whiskeys. On Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays they serve homemade pizzas. It has a very cool vibe, with bottles hanging all over and you will find different areas (e.g. a pool table area) that might suit you.
  5. De Witte App: It is one of the oldest bars in town, and is known to be one of the best. It is always crowded for it to be a tiny place and you will always find a mixed crowd. It’s a typical beer-wine place, so not a lot of options there. On Saturdays the bar becomes a club as well with a DJ!

Let us know which bars are you favorite! Obviously if these bars are not your type, you can just go bar hopping in Witte de Withstraat or in Oostplein and find the right bar for you. Rotterdam has many options for everyone!