Daniel Kuhn – Events Manager

Daniel Kuhn – Events Manager – 2022/2023

About me

Hej! My name is Daniel and I’m German/ Chinese. I grew up in a small but pretty town in Germany called Trier (100% visit-worthy btw.). While writing this, however, I’m in my second year of International Business Administration in Rotterdam. Most important for me is to gather as many unique and new experiences as possible, which is why I’m part of ESN.

Why a board year?

Moving to Rotterdam from a small place was a huge change for me and personally, I have always been introverted and awkward. But being part of ESN last year helped me to overcome this and find a community of extraordinary and welcoming friends. This experience of settling into a new environment was both daunting and exciting. Therefore I wanted to also help other international and exchange students to be able to get a similar experience!

Function description

As Events Manager, I’m in charge of the Active Members events and the City Trips. Together with my two committees, we try to create various events for our internal community and City Trips for all students, Dutch/ international or Exchange. Aside from the committees, the events manager is also responsible for cataloging the events we do and sharing them with the rest of the ESN network. Also like all board members, I’m involved with organizing our big events such as the ESN Introduction days, which can be a lot of work at the beginning of the year. However, these are very rewarding as you will meet many fun and unique people. Challenges are part of the Events Managers position. Being able to balance your studies and ESN position is a big part of being a half-time board member, so managing your time is key! Sometimes events can also go not as planned. Under these circumstances, you must keep a clear head and find the best solution. As long as you are resistant to fall-backs and keep trying your best to create creative and fun events for your participants you will have an extraordinary experience and learn a lot!