Stan Spikker – Events Manager

Stan Spikker – Events Manager – 2021/2022

About me

My name is Stan! I am from the Netherlands, and have also done most of my studies here. First, I studied International Business in Groningen, and for my Masters I moved here to study Business Information Management. In the meantime, however, I was also able to go on exchange, and was lucky enough to get a placement in Mexico City.

Why a board year?

Through my exchange to Mexico City, I discovered that I love meeting people from all over the world. I had so much fun there, had some great experiences, and learned a lot. So I know all too well what a great experience a period studying abroad can be. One of the main reasons I wanted to join the ESN board was to help other students have a great exchange as well. You will find me at most of our events as well as at the ESN office. I am trying to create amazing events for our students as we are able again to host parties and city trips all over Europe!

Function description

As the Events Manager of ESN Rotterdam, I’m in charge of the social events, the SocialInclusion events and the city trips. This means that I have to organize and attend around six events per month. For this, I have the help of three committees. This means that I also have to manage these committees and make sure that they can do their work. Other events I organize are for example parts of the ESN introduction days (both summer and winter) and the after party of the official welcome ceremony. Especially the first months, when I didn’t have any committees yet, were extremely busy (since we still had the same number of events).

Attending the events is something that is fun, but also takes up a lot of time. Therefore, it’s difficult to say how many hours per week I spend on my function. Some weeks are very busy, while other weeks (exam periods for example) are less busy for me. Since I am a full-time board member, I am able to oversee three committees. Besides this, I am also in contact with third parties with whom we work together. This also calls for communication and negotiation skills.

During the events, it’s possible that things do not go as planned. In these situations, an events manager needs to be flexible and stay clear minded. It’s important that problems are quickly solved and most importantly, that participants don’t suffer. You are working in the students’ best interest, which is something to always keep in mind. I am very detail oriented, which can stress me out quickly since details easily don’t go as planned. In the end, participants usually don’t see the details, and the most important thing is that they have a great time during our events. As the events manager, you will learn a little more at each event!