Dina El Hage – Marketing Manager

Dina El Hage –  Marketing Manager – 2022/2023

About me

Hey! My name is Dina, I’m Lebanese-French & I’m in my final year of Communications & Media Bachelor’s. I’ve lived most of my life in Lebanon, after living in Cyprus for a few years then the Netherlands, as of three years ago! I am this year’s Marketing Manager after I was a committee member of the Social Committee last year! When I’m not doing ESN stuff, I like going out with friends & discovering the city!

Why a board year?

I first heard of ESN in my first year, but unfortunately, Covid stopped them from having events. I made sure to apply the next year & loved the concept of creating a fun space for international students to interact and meet one another. After that, I randomly decided to apply for a board position after being encouraged by the past board, and got accepted! I felt like I could provide a creative and interactive space to promote ESN online & offline, and wanted to work with like-minded yet different people on my committee. It’s tough sometimes but it’s definitely worth it, especially with the help of members of my Marketing & media committees!

Function Description

As the Marketing Manager, I have loads of different online & offline tasks throughout the year. My main task, though, is to take care of social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok…) with the help of my 9 committee members. We use these platforms to promote our events, big and small. Some of our small events consist of ESN Tuesdays, Open Stage Nights, Chess events… Whereas the bigger ones are usually: Introduction Days (Summer & Winter), International Career days, Beer Cantus… These events require me to do some offline marketing such as creating & ordering merchandise, booking and making promotional materials and spaces, and working with advertisements. I overlook both the Marketing & Media Committee, which tackle similar tasks but usually on different platforms, separating the entertainment material and the promotional material.