Cara Sainsbury

Cara Sainsbury –  Vice-President & Marketing Manager – 2019/2020

About me

Hello, I am Cara and I am both British and Dutch. My mum is from The Netherlands and my dad is from Manchester in the UK, where I was also born! I am fluently in both languages and that also means that my brain works in both languages, which can be confusing sometimes. Over the course of my life I’ve lived in The Netherlands, England, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, so you could say I’m quite internationally orientated. I graduated from the International Bachelor in Communication and Media (IBCoM) last June and now I’m taking a year away from studying to do a full time board position. This combination of living in many different countries (with international schools) and doing an international bachelor has definitely made me at one with multiculturalism.

Why a board year?

When I was still on exchange in New Zealand, I knew I really wanted a break from studying and get a more practical experience after finishing my bachelor. So while I was abroad I looked into ESN Rotterdam and how I could participate in joining their board. I already knew I wanted to be the Marketing Manager and so I considered contacting them to ask about how to apply. Then I realized that it was the end of September and so the 11th board of ESN had only just started their own board year. I decided to wait until I was back in The Netherlands to seriously look into it.

The reason why I chose ESN Rotterdam to join out of all the associations in and around Erasmus University, is because I went to the most ESN events. In my first and second year of my bachelor, I went to almost every single ESN Tuesdays (then still hosted in Plan C & VIP Room). Once I even asked a friend if I could go to ESN Tuesdays, even though we had an exam the next morning. She said I just had to be back before 1 am!

Function Description

The Marketing Manager of ESN Rotterdam makes sure the social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram mostly) are constantly updated. Also the external offline communication belongs to the Marketing Manager, like posters, merchandise, board clothing and banners. These are all very fun and interesting tasks, but they do take up a lot of time. That is why the Marketing Manager is support by both the Marketing and Content Committee. The active members in those committees help with bringing new, creative marketing ideas to the table. They also take charge of the ESN Rotterdam Instagram Feed and create content like videos, photos & blogs.

I was also the Vice President this year and that meant I took on some of the president’s tasks to help Imke. I am in charge of developing the annual Policy Plan and construct different evaluation and strategy reports and I reflect back on the year with our Annual Report. This will help in constantly improving the organization in the interest of the students.