Carolina Cruz – Partnership Manager

Carolina Cruz – Partnership Manager – 2022/2023

About Me

My name is Carolina, I’m a master’s student of International and European Union Law and I’m from a small island in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira. I always felt the need for emancipation hence the reason why I started studying abroad from a young age, and that’s when I found ESN. When I first came into contact with ESN during my exchange in Warsaw, I instantly connected with the organisation’s values and mission. In this way, I believe that by performing the duties of the Partnership Manager, I will be able to better the lives of the incoming students through the use of new discounts and offers that the ESNcard gives by fostering a relationship between the organisation and the local community.

Why a board year?

Being on the board of ESN Rotterdam means that we are advocating for the needs and goals of international students not only across Europe but especially here in Rotterdam.


Function Description

As partnership manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that our network and current commercial partners function in harmony through liaison and to further promote different ESN clauses by collaborating with partners who support them. In addition, I strive to build strong relationships with local businesses in order to support them as well as international students, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 socio-economic recession.

Since the relationship is two-way, the Partnership Manager must have as much knowledge of what ESN can provide partners as possible. For instance, the ESNcard is an excellent tool for newer businesses to establish a positive image among students by offering discounts. The Partnership Manager must constantly strive to achieve the key objective of providing new partners with worthwhile cooperation.

The Partnership Manager’s second, equally important duty in ESN is to liven up the professional side of things, which is another method of carrying out these objectives. Being in charge of the Career Committee is another means of achieving these objectives. This position comprises organising career-related activities to assist foreign students in finding employment in the Dutch labour market. We do this through holding events such as CV and LinkedIn workshops as well as larger-scale events like the International Career Days (ICD), where we invite recruiters from various sectors of the labour market to bring companies and students together. We try to increase university students’ confidence in their capacity to sort out their particular strengths and shortcomings in order to appraise what a future job would look like in the Netherlands, even if there is no one solution to the perennial challenge of students wishing to start their careers.


Life After ESN // Daniel van Loenen // 9th Board

My name is Daniel and I was the Partnership Manager of the 9th board of ESN Rotterdam. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but I have a double nationality (Dutch and Polish). Despite this diverse background, a board year at an international organization like ESN contributed to both my personal and professional life. On a personal note, I can say that I made friends for life. I am still in touch with many people I met during my board year. This refers to people who were part of ESN or other exchange students who came to Rotterdam. The cool thing about this is that ESN brings you in touch with people from all over the world which establishes a truly global network. On a professional note, working with your committee and other board members is an extremely valuable experience. You learn to collaborate with people from different cultures, resolve conflicts, lead meetings, present proposals, and manage your time effectively. All in all, many skills you will need for your future job.