Uday Mathur

Uday Mathur – Partnership Manager – 2019/2020

About Me

My name is Uday Mathur and it is my honour to present myself as the Partnership Manager of the 12th ESN Rotterdam Board. I am currently in my third year of the International Economics & Business Economics Program at the Erasmus School of Economics. I am Indian, born in Delhi but raised in Bangalore. Coming to Rotterdam two years ago, my journey involved meeting people from all over the globe that helped me develop new perspectives and made me more culturally aware. Netherlands was the only country in Europe with an English-speaking society and a mix of various modern, historic cities. This became the core reason why I chose to study here. I am passionate about the opportunity to work in a management position and thoroughly look forward to this year with the position of the Partnership Manager.

Why a board year?

ESN’s main goal is to help internationals find a home away from home. In the last two years for me, ESN has helped me do exactly that. I met most of my close friends till date at the events/ parties and loved the idea of students helping students. I decided to be a part of the ESN family last year by joining as a SocialErasmus committee member, and then instantly knew that I wanted to contribute even more. Not only did this provide with a platform to grow personally and professionally, but also would end up giving me a once in a lifetime experience that I could cherish forever.

Function Description


Being the Partnership Manager of ESN Rotterdam is a very rewarding job that holds many responsibilities. First, you are in charge of improving the ESNCard by adding valuable discounts to students. This means finding new ESNCard partners, whilst maintaining the current ones. Second, you must constantly communicate with all external parties of ESN. These external parties range from ESNCard partners such as 010 Bikes, Erasmus Sport and Cafe ‘T Fust, to university officials in various areas such as the International-, Housing- and Diversity & Inclusion- offices to managers of venues like Cafe Beurs where we hold our weekly party. Last, as partnership manager one of your main areas of focus is the professionalization of ESN, hence you are responsible for the Career Committee which plans the International Career Day amongst other career events. Overall, to be a successful partnership manager you need strong social & communication, analytical and leadership skills. As well as, motivation and attention to detail.


Life After ESN // Daniel van Loenen // 9th Board

My name is Daniel and I was the Partnership Manager of the 9th board of ESN Rotterdam. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but I have a double nationality (Dutch and Polish). Despite this diverse background, a board year at an international organization like ESN contributed to both my personal and professional life. On a personal note, I can say that I made friends for life. I am still in touch with many people I met during my board year. This refers to people who were part of ESN or other exchange students who came to Rotterdam. The cool thing about this is that ESN brings you in touch with people from all over the world which establishes a truly global network. On a professional note, working with your committee and other board members is an extremely valuable experience. You learn to collaborate with people from different cultures, resolve conflicts, lead meetings, present proposals, and manage your time effectively. All in all, many skills you will need for your future job.