Alexa Belli – Secretary

Alexa Belli – Secretary – 2021/2022

About me

My name is Alexa and I am originally from Luxembourg. I am going to be a third-year IBACS student. I am currently living in Rotterdam, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Traveling is my passion as well as meeting new people from all over the world. I have been part of ESN since the start of my University career, starting with the content committee and finishing with being the marketeer of the city trip committee for the academic year of 2020/21.

Why a board year?

Applying for a board year at ESN seemed like a logical step for me. As being an international student myself, I thought to myself that it would only make sense to apply for the board. Associations like ESN have made my experience as a student very memorable. I have been part of ESN for 3 years now which helped me a lot in finding my way around the city of Rotterdam. I met most of my friends through the local ESN section here and the events allowed me to become familiar with the new city and culture that I was suddenly surrounded by. Especially in these uncertain times, I think it is very important to properly welcome all incoming students and make sure they can still create memorable experiences.

Function description

You are taking your organizational skills to a higher level whilst in the secretary role. Differently from other positions where you take intensive care of one specific task, being the secretary means you will be constantly multitasking between various projects in order to keep the information flowing. You are the first contact person of stakeholders trying to reach the organization, so it is very important to know what to filter and to deliver the message to the right board or committee member. The secretary also takes notes of what’s important during the meetings, takes care of the office hours schedule, helps organizing the office supplies, is in touch with international officers on campus to discuss practical matters and is also the one to organize internal events (such as Supervisory Board meetings, Alumni events, and board bonding). Last but not least, your most impactful task is being the coordinator for the Buddy Program which means you are responsible for recruiting and training the buddies, making sure all incoming students are being matched to a buddy and host events for the buddies and their students.

This year, I will also be taking on the Content Committee. I was myself part of that particular committee in the first year of my studies at EUR. I like to be creative and come up with new ideas, hence the Content Committee.



Life after ESN // Emma Smit – Hamilton // First Board

The year as board member of ESN-Rotterdam gave me a taste of running an organization and working closely with team members. Besides these valuable insights it also gave me the opportunity to meet and work with new people – both students and staff – from all faculties at EUR.  Being in  the founding board, we mostly spent our time on setting up this new student organisation; while also trying to plan the first activities. Working with different personalities made this for quite some interesting yet challenging discussions; but an end result we were (are!) all incredibly proud of. My absolute highlight was the first Official Welcome in February 2009 – where we finally got to see all our planning and paperwork in action in the form of 300 super excited international students in CB-5! I can wholeheartedly recommend a board year, as it gives you a great opportunity to develop the practical skills required in your career. And on top of that – ESN-Rotterdam just has such a great variety of events, ranging from social to cultural, and sports with a group of students that is here to make the absolute most of their time in Rotterdam!