Hana Phan – Treasurer

Hana Phan – Treasurer – 2022/2023

About me

Hello hello! My name is Hana and I am a second-year IBA student. I come from the beautiful land of the Czech Republic with Vietnamese roots. I very much enjoy kickboxing and playing basketball. Other than that, my passion also lies in painting, reading, and cat memes.

This year I am very happy to be the 15th Board Treasurer and I am also the head of the lovely Social Impact committee!

Why a board year?

ESN was the first student association I saw during my first day of Eurekaweek and the people behind the stand pitched ESN so well to me that I decided to join them as a City Trip committee member in my first year. I honestly loved it so much, met new amazing friends, and simply decided to apply for the board next!

Fun fact: Since joining the ESN board I started to enjoy reggaeton and the beer in Beurs way too much. 

Function Description

This position includes taking care of the financial aspect of the organisation – this includes creating a yearly budget aligned with the goals of the association and the board members. In addition, my responsibility will lie in predicting the income and expenses which should help with allocating the finances to the right areas. Moreover, looking after and keeping track of all the treasurers of every committee and their spending is part of the treasurer’s position, too. Lastly, bookkeeping and payments are done monthly. 

In short: I am responsible for all the precious money.