Annika Aulanko

Annika Aulanko – Treasurer – 2019/2020

About me

My name is Annika Aulanko and I come from Finland. I grew up in a town of around 40 thousand people. My elementary school had 60 pupils (all grades from 1st to 6th included) and our house was, and still is, surrounded by forest, fields, and horse farms. The house is still my favourite place to go to when I want to relax, have a sauna and just listen to the quietness that is hard to find in cities. I grew to appreciate the town after we moved to Beijing that is the polar opposite to what I was used to, in a good way. Rotterdam to me is somewhere in the middle of the 40-thousand-person town in Finland and Beijing. Next to my board year I am completing my second year of IBA.

Why Board?

I decided to apply to the ESN board for the treasurer position as I found myself without enough responsibilities besides studying to keep me busy. I have come to find that ESN keeps me busy doing things that I enjoy. Naturally, I selected the treasurer position as the position allows me to apply knowledge gained from my IBA courses. It is also a way for me to find out if finance and business in general is something I want to pursue later in life, or whether I should follow my childhood dream of becoming a pilot. I have had some experience in ESN; during the first year as a chairman in the cultural committee and found the job of board members fascinating and fun. We as a board get to develop so many skills and meet so many new people from all around the world!

Function Description

The treasurer is responsible for all the financial aspects of the organization. The year starts off with preparing the annual budget, which needs to be aligned with the goals of the whole board. This involves forecasting incomes and expenses as well as allocating funds to different functional areas. The treasurer also guides and liaises with all the committee treasurers – the contact points for financial information from within our committees. Furthermore, simple financial models for high risk events are made, so we can gain insight as to how our financial position will potentially be affected by unknown variables such as the level of ticket sales.