Nirmay Panchal – Treasurer

Nirmay Panchal – Treasurer – 2021/2022

About me

I am Nirmay and I will be the treasurer of the 14th ESN Rotterdam board! I am from India but since the last 5 years, I have lived in Belgium and The Netherlands. I did my bachelors in Econometrics and Operations Research and I will do my Masters in Econometrics and Management Science from EUR. When I am not working or studying, you can find me biking around the city, cooking for friends, doing some programming or gaming with my buddies.

Why a board year?

I decided to apply to the ESN board for the Treasurer position as I want to contribute to the mission and help fellow international students “create a home away from home”. Given my background in Econometrics and Operations Research, I hope to apply the knowledge and practical skills gained from my courses and previous work in student associations to manage the finances and accounts of ESN Rotterdam. I’m excited to work with my fellow board members to create amazing and fun events for the students. Also, I can’t wait to meet students from all over the globe and emerge myself in yet another culturally diverse community.

Function Description

The treasurer is responsible for all the financial aspects of the organization. The year starts off with preparing the annual budget, which needs to be aligned with the goals of the whole board. This involves forecasting incomes and expenses as well as allocating funds to different functional areas. The treasurer also guides and liaises with all the committee treasurers – the contact points for financial information from within our committees. Furthermore, simple financial models for high-risk events are made, so we can gain insight as to how our financial position will potentially be affected by unknown variables such as the level of ticket sales. Lastly, general bookkeeping duties and payments are performed monthly.