Active Member Committee

After completing a pilot year, the Active Member Committee (AMC) has been given a brand-new set-up this year! The main goal of this committee is to enhance the sense of community among the active members of ESN Rotterdam. Together, you’ll organize a monthly event which can range from a traditional ‘Sinterklaas’-evening in December to a full weekend programme in November. In the end of the year, smaller events like a dinner before ESN Tuesdays can be organized. Therefore the workload is relatively high in the beginning of the year and relatively low at the end. Next to this, you’ll be responsible for active member newsletters and maintaining the internal network.

Workload: 6 – 8 hours per week

Currently, the committee selection process has been closed. Keep an eye out for another (optional) round in January/ February!

Top row: Mateusz // Middle row: Karim, Sander // Bottom Row: Teodora, Kate