Career Committee

Joining the Career committee is a wonderful way to not only develop your business skills but also to work in a fun and international environment. This will allow you to improve many of your skills such as communication and building a diverse network!

The main objective of this team is to work on the professional image of ESN Rotterdam. This is mainly achieved through the two tracks of the career committee. The first track is career events which focuses on organising business-related events such as the ESN International Career Day and in-house days. The second track is the ESN Card partnerships which focuses on finding new deals for the ESN Card.

As part of career committee you will work in a team of highly motivated students. Together we will brainstorm, prepare, plan and execute our ideas into reality!

Workload: 8-10 hours per week

Currently, the committee selection process has been closed. Keep an eye out for another (optional) round in January/ February!

Top row: Rafaela, Monica, Wyteke, Elizabeth, Lyudmila // Bottom row: Rick, Omar