Career Committee

Joining the Career Committee will provide you with an even deeper understanding of the diversity within ESN! This opportunity offers a fantastic way not only to enhance your professional skills but also to engage in a dynamic and international environment. Organizing in-house days, networking events, and skills workshops will not only improve your professional skill set but also guide you toward your post-university steps and facilitate the expansion of your network.

The primary objective of this team is to enhance the professional image of ESN Rotterdam, accomplished through the pursuit of two key tracks within the career committee. The first track involves organizing career events, where you’ll be responsible for reaching out to prominent corporations to arrange business-related events, workshops, and networking sessions. These activities will enrich your understanding of the career landscape.

The second track centers on ESNcard partnerships, where you’ll play a pivotal role in identifying and securing new local partners who can offer valuable discounts to students.

As a member of the career committee, you’ll collaborate closely with a team of highly motivated students. Your responsibilities will span from crafting email templates and reaching out to corporations, to composing promotional content and coordinating event logistics.

Embrace this opportunity to challenge yourself and join the Career Committee!

Estimated workload: 8-10 hours per week