City Trip Committee

Want to travel to your dream destinations? Maybe somewhere near The Netherlands? Or want to get a first hand experience on arranging a fun city trip for the university students? Well, the City Trip Committee has got you covered!

It’s a committee of at least 5 members who work hard to plan the best city trips for the students. We usually have a city trip once every month. All you need is- creativity, responsibility and a lot of excitement!! We as members do everything from scratch- select a city, arrange the bus and stay, plan out the activities that need to be conducted there. Creativity plays a huge part here since you have to be bold enough to execute new plans even if ESN has never done that before. For example, this year we had arranged a biking trip to Delft and Hague. It was very new, a little successful but with a few more changes it can always get better. So be creative enough to select unique destinations, be responsible enough to have everything completed before time and be super excited to have a great time on those city trips!

Workload: 8 hours per week