Cultural Committee

As a long standing committee within ESN Rotterdam, the Cultural Committee is here to organize various event that allow International & Dutch student to get to know each other in different ways.

Events range from the famous “Speed Friending”, a “Food Crawl” or the International Potluck Dinner to music events like the Open Stage Nights at the Pavilion where every student can show off their skills (you can as well!). Next to this, the Cultural Committee also organizes several movie nights throughout the year in Pavilion in the form of an open air cinema! Successful events like the trip to the Rotterdam Museum Night can be repeated on a larger scale and other events have to be created from scratch (100% new). Therefore there is definitely enough variety in events for everyone to apply and for all students to attend.

Join the Cultural Committee to meet people from various cultures and of course the Dutch!

Workload: 10 hours per week