Marketing Committee

If the words “Facebook, Instagram, Photoshop, and blogs” get your heart pumping, then the Marketing Committee is for you!

We are responsible for letting students and the ESN network know about anything ESN-related, which can range from promoting our weekly ESN Tuesday parties to special deals with the Erasmus Sports. The committee works on maintaining and improving ESN-Rotterdam’s entire brand and can be split into the Promotional side and the Journalism side.

The Promotional side entails all the offline and online promotion that comes with the position, such as creating engaging Facebook posts, designing and distributing flyers and merchandise, managing our Instagram, or analyzing our social media insights.

The Journalism side includes Humans of ESN, writing for our blog, and creating monthly newsletters which are used to engage students in a different way. Additionally, there is a lot of room for new ideas and (individual) development. We are always looking for new and creative ways to promote our events, so if you’ve got some ideas, we would love to hear them!

Workload: 8 hours per week

Currently, the committee selection process has been closed. Keep an eye out for another (optional) round in January/ February!

From left to right: Paria, Tamarah, Vilte, Yashita, Adriana, Vishal