Social Committee

The Social Committee is here to organize some of the largest social events that ESN Rotterdam has to offer. These events create an environment for all international students to meet new people and make new friends. Examples are the weekly ESN Tuesdays, big parties, pub crawls and beer canti. Next to this, there is room left to come up with new social events.

By referring to them as ‘Party Committee’ you’d miss out on a large part of what they do! There is a lot to organize, learn, and their creative minds are always tested. Being in the Social Committee will not only make you a better dancer, but you will also learn a lot about organizing events, responsibilities, maintaining relationships, arranging venues and making deals with various parties. The Social Committee is a close group and meets with each other several times a week.

Workload: 8 -10 hours per week

Social Committee (left to right): Arta, Thomas, Imke, Kate, Bi Xuan, Emma, Sam