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ESN Theater trip: Club Invites

18th January 2023 @ 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

ESN is going to the Theatre again!

Club Guy & Roni
is coming to town with the annual Club Invites program!
This year they have invited Mohamed Yusuf Boss and the duo Anna Jacobs and Hanna van der Meer, also known as Lunatics and Poets, and offered them a podium where they could express their ideas and develop their oeuvre.
The end result is two performances: Yusuf Boss’s mercilessly allusive dance exposition LABA, and Lunatics and Poets’ unforgiving Postcards from a better place, which has been shaped as a visual poem perfectly intertwining the good and the bad within the human psyche.

About the performances:

The performance, named LABA, is an immersive, entrancing ode to the lingering yarn of belongingness to and feeling like ‘being at home’, at a place that doesn’t actually exist. The performance explores these concepts through the fundamentals of Hip-hop and other styles, including the African Pantsula and Jaandheer, and the Haka from the Maori

In Postcards from a better place, Lunatics and Poets illustrate the duality of human nature. From an infantile game to overt violence, it is the inner darkness that confronts us with irreversible acts, shame and guilt. This performance is a poetic portrait of the shadow side that at the same time makes us human.

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