Cultural Events


ESN Rotterdam offers a wide variety of cultural events throughout the year. The aim is to bring students from different backgrounds together through experiencing new cultures. Most of these are very chill events and usually take place in the evening. Some are more concentrated on getting acquainted with the Dutch culture and others on meeting new people. The main goal of all of these events is providing you with a fun and memorable experienc

Movie Nights

Every month in collaboration with SG Erasmus we give you the chance to enjoy a movie. The event takes place in Erasmus Building Aula. We aim to project movies with a good balance of quality, fame, and educational aspects. For a cheap price you can come with some friends to experience an enjoyable movie on the big screen. Twice per year (when the weather permits) we also do an Open Air edition on the university campus.

Open Stage Nights

Open Stage Night is organised in collaboration with SG Erasmus and takes place in the Erasmus Pavilion Café. Everyone who wants to perform is more than welcome to sign up in advance, and the audience can just come along and enjoy for free! These events always have a very calm and pleasant atmosphere, and we welcome any kind of performance - from stand-up to bands to spoken word, everything goes!

International Food Fair

Proud of your national cuisine? Love cooking? Curious about other cultural cuisines? Then, this event is perfect for you! During our International Food Fair, participants bring traditional dishes from their countries and share them with each other, or come along and try a bit of what some of the university’s multicultural associations have cooked up.

Tasting Events

Some of our favourite types of event to organise are our tastings. With a group of 15 to 25 students we try different kinds of food or drink, from cheese to stroopwafels to beers to whisky! Whether you’re a connoisseur, a foodie, or just want to meet new people, these events are perfect for you.

Chess Club

ESN's Cultural Committee helps to organise a number of clubs throughout the year. These meet on a regualr basis and allow like minded students to get to know each other and share fun experiences. The Chess Club meets up to play together, and occastionally host tournaents or create chess-inspired events. For ore information on all our clubs follow this link: 

Seasonal Events

Every culture has its own traditional celebrations throughout the year. ESN helps students from all over the world to experience some of these here in Rotterdam. With Easter Egg Hunts, Sinterklaas gift exchange, and Halloween events, you can experience and celebrate a range of different cultures throughout the year.