A Touch of Dutch: Workshop Series exclusively for International Students

Learn to use the basic day-to-day language in a maximum of 48 hours, so that you can get more connected to the Dutch!

The A Touch of Dutch Workshops come in a two-part series: A Touch of Dutch 1 and 2. Both parts consist of six weekly face-to-face workshops of two hours, plus approximately two hours of self-study activities per workshop in the CoBuild Connect Learning Space. The workshop series start in August and October (2020) and in February and April (2021).

Group size: 6 – 10 participants
Entry level: 0 (part 1), A1 (part 2)
Fee: €249 per workshop series, per person, including VAT

Each workshop period is preceded by an
introduction workshop.

Select your preferred introduction workshop and sign up!

Special Offer: Bring a Friend for Free!

If, after following an introduction workshop, you sign up for one of the workshop series, you can bring one friend for free, which means that he/she will save €249 (or you will each save 50% on your workshop series, if you decide to share the advantage)!                                                               

Conditions: You are only allowed to bring one friend for free. The friend that you bring did not take part in your introduction workshop. He/she will take the same workshop series in the same period as you. CoBuild reserves the right to cancel workshop series if the number of participants is less than six and reserves the right to add participants if the number of participants is less than ten. You need to be able to show your valid ESN card. After signing up for a workshop series, you will receive a registration and confirmation form, including the general terms and conditions. After completing, signing and returning the form, your registration is official and you will receive an invoice.

Type of discount: Educational
Discount: Save €249 on a Dutch workshop series!


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