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Do you enjoy freedom as much as we do? In case you do, consider car rental on your next trip or
vacation. For example, imagine you are on a holiday and want to explore all the beauty your
destination has to offer but you don’t want the hassle of Public Transit or the high costs of going
by taxi. When driving a rental car you can explore all the beautiful places on your own pace. If
you book your rental car with, it doesn’t matter which destination you’re
choosing.. With an offer of more than 800 car rental companies at 30.000 different locations
worldwide, we are one of the biggest market places for online car rental. Due to the large amount
of offers and deals on our website you will not experience any trouble in finding the perfect rental
car for every occasion. Renting a car at Holiday Cars is easy, cheap and fast!

Get a discount!
Are you a student and member of ESN Rotterdam? You can now profit from a 15% discount on
your next car rental. A new collaboration between ESN and made this possible.
Benefits and tips for renting a car
From time to time every student can use a discount. Discover what it’s like to profit from a big
amount of benefits when you rent a car at the most popular destinations in the world. Wherever
you are, with a rental car you can discover every fun hotspot or sight. Without ever having to wait
for public transport.

Tip: Always make sure you rent a car that has enough space and comfort for the
passengers and the luggage. If you find out that the car is too small at pickup, the local car
rental office will try to take advantage of the situation and rent you a bigger car for a much
higher price.

Type of discount: Travel


15% discount on your next car rental

Website: Holiday Cars

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