International Student Tip: Apps!

International Student Tip #1: Apps!

With this new column we’d like to help you out and make your life here even easier! In this blog post, we listed our 5 most favorite apps for you!


Are you having trouble with Mobile data and traveling? Getting stuck in the middle of a city you’ve never been to because your google maps isn’t working? Well we highly recommend using! is an app for offline maps that provides all available details in a single map file for any city you decide to travel to. also gives you details on restaurants, hotels/hostels, shopping, and night life options! This free App has saved many exchange students from getting lost in the streets of Europe.



Not familiar with riding your bike in the cold, windy, and rainy terrain of the Netherlands when your starving at 21:30 looking for a good study break meal? Look no further, because we have the solution!

Thuisbezorgd is our favorite food delivery app in Rotterdam. Very easy to use, with countless options of restaurant menus to choose from. If you are not familiar with good restaurants in the area they also include a list of the most popular restaurants so you know your getting something good!



Every Dutch person lives for this public transportation app! No one wants to wait in the cold for a tram that’s got another 20 minutes to arrive when you could’ve been staying in your house. This App can time your plans perfectly.This App will help you plan your trips to Amsterdam Schiphol airport, or getting to Happy Italy for some good pizza with the trams, metros and trains! Having trouble changing the language to English from Dutch? Try this: Go to settings, under “Taal”, click on “Nederlands”, and then click on “Engels” or any other language you need.



Have you got a lot of trips planned this semester? Excited to see the beautiful countries and cities that Europe has to offer? Planning trips can get very confusing with all the different airports involved, so make it easier for yourself with the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport app!

This travel app is your essential guide to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Navigate the airport and check your flight’s latest updates. Get notifications about delays, gate changes and cancellations for a saved flight, view the map of Schiphol and find your way around. Schiphol is a large airport and I know a lot of us have gotten lost inside and we don’t want that to happen to you guys!



Not used to the on and off rain in the Netherlands? We know it’s hard to figure out the perfect time to go home and dodge the rain in this country! This App might save you some soaking wet trips…

Buienalarm is extremely helpful weather app! This App notifies you when the rain is about to start and gives you the amount of time it will rain and when it will stop. This will help you plan the perfect times to go outside to avoid the wet, but you might still want to invest in an umbrella!

We hope all these apps make your exchange/transition into the Netherlands a little bit easier J Expect to find more tips and apps monthly and let us know if these suggestions were helpful!