International Student Tip: Kitchen Hacks

Us students would rather spend our time doing more important things than being in the kitchen… unless it’s to make a great cup of coffee, of course. Honestly speaking though, which student doesn’t run on coffee? Okay, tea-lovers you can put your hands down now. The point is we either don’t have skills, time, money, or the energy to stand in the kitchen and prepare a full, proper meal to fuel us or wash all those dishes. Luckily for you, we’ve got some kitchen hacks to make your university experience a little easier.

  1. Store your leafy greens in a container with paper towels.The paper towels help to absorb excess moisture and help your greens stay fresh for a longer period of time. Now you don’t need to shy away from buying the bigger bag with the better price just because you’re afraid you can’t finish it all!
  2. Check to see if your eggs are still fresh enough even after the expiration date.There’s a simple test to check freshness of eggs. Place it in a bowl of water. If it rests on its side at the bottom, it’s still fresh. If it stands up on the bottom, then you should consume it very soon. If it floats to the top, get rid of it.
  3. Use water to get those bits of eggshell out.It happens to the best of us. You crack an egg and end up getting little pieces of eggshell in your egg. Just wet your fingers and be amazed by how easy it is to get them out now. Magic is real, kids.
  4. Find your go-to one-pot meals.We highly recommend doing some Google searching to find a few beloved one-pot recipes like soups, pastas, fried rice, and curry. You’ll save yourself a whole load of dishes and be able to binge an extra episode on Netflix with all that saved time!
  5.  Place a wooden spoon across your boiling pot.Do you really want to spend a whole extra 15 minutes cleaning the top of your stove while you could be doing something more “important” .. like procrastinating? This prevents your water, soup, sauce, or anything you’re boiling from boiling over and creating a mess.
  6.  Cover your bananas.Make your bananas last a whole 5 days longer by just wrapping the top of them with cling film or foil.
  7.  Freeze your food in single portions.If you end up making a large amount of food, freeze them this way so that you can just grab one container or frozen bag to defrost, rather than too large of a portion.
  8. Soak your onions in water to reduce tears.We already cry enough from the pressures of having to perform well in school, be accepted by society, and find a job, so why not reduce tears wherever you can? Cut the ends of your peeled onion and drop them in water for 10-15 minutes before slicing.
  9. Plan your meals.Meal prep in the weekend with easy recipes and save yourself a good couple of hours during the week when you need it the most. Just grab and go!

We hope these tips have either made your food last longer, save money, or save time. Have you heard of a better trio? Stay tuned into our blog for regular student tips!