International Student Tip: What to Do

The weather is nice out! At least, it is for the time being. This means you need to get out there and take 120% advantage of it, because who knows how long it will last before we get some rain. Here are a few things you can do to enjoy the sun!

1. Biergarten

Their website says “The best things in life are simple. Beer, BBQ, music, sun, and lovely people.”. I mean what more could you possibly want? Grab your friends and check this bar out on their Friday DJ nights!

2. Kralingse Plas

People gather at the lake in large numbers once it starts getting a little warm. There’s something to do for everyone here. You can row, sail, sunbathe, have a picnic, and even a barbeque! For a barbeque, there are certain regulations which must be followed, which you can find here: Follow the rules and no one gets hurt!

3. Walk with the Elderly

Join us as we go on our monthly walk with the elderly and experience what it is like to give back to the community here in Rotterdam. You do not need to speak Dutch to join us, so do not shy away! You can find more information here:

4. Scheveningen

Make your way over to Den Haag for a trip to Scheveningen. You have to, you do not have a choice. You must experience this coast of the country in its entirety. The hustle and bustle of people walking on the promenade, people ziplining and bungee jumping, beach sports, food, and music create a wholly feeling that is – Scheveningen. You can spend an entire day here exploring its attractions and enjoying the sun!

5. Terrace bars

You can now enjoy drinking out in the open! I mean on terrace bars, not the streets. Enjoy the Rotterdam skyline from nHow Rotterdam, grab some cocktails at The Suicide Club, or enjoy the sunset at Aloha Rotterdam.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and experience spring in all of its warm glory!