Modern Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is well known as the day that celebrates LOVE. Nowadays, this day signifies more than that. On Valentine’s Day there is more than one personality. Look down below and see which one represents you!

The Valentine’s Grinch

They consider Valentine’s Day a celebration that should be forgotten. Why? Single life is the best! Besides, it is scientifically proven.

  1. Single people are healthier. There are 1 million eyes looking at you all the time, so you have to stay fit. In a relationship there is only a pair that appreciates your efforts so why bother?
  2. You are better at keeping friends. Singleness means endless opportunities to interact with new people. Studies suggest that being single means that we are more attentive to our friends and family than when in a relationship. Why focus on only one person when you can have more?
  3. You are better with money. All the presents that you purchase are for yourself. Isn’t this a good enough reason to stay single?
  4. Being single can mean doing better at work. Single people are more likely to value meaningful work, according to DePaulo. Not having to worry about maintaining a relationship can mean putting more effort into your career.


The Cupid: The cupids are the saviors of love and hope all over the world. They love love and want it to be spread more! Valentine’s Day is their favorite to do their magic. How?

  1. Arrange a social gathering “coincidently” with an even number of people. What a great opportunity to couple up!
  2. Randomly scroll through some of your cute friends’ Instagram pages around other single friends. Maybe they will find it as interesting as you!
  3. Invite your single friends for some drinks and suddenly have an “emergency” that requires your presence. Too bad… or is it?

The Third Wheel: Did your best friends suddenly become a couple? Do you often feel like a child of a married couple? Here are some things you can do in Valentine’s Day:

  1. Find someone to double date! Maybe they will not be your soulmate, but they will indeed keep you preoccupied when your couple friends are annoyingly into each other.
  2. Find more single people and hang out with them. As much as you love your friends, you can get a break from couples for one night!
  3. Be a careful observer. Watch how perfect your friends are together, take notes and learn from the best. Who knows, maybe you will need the tips next Valentine’s Day!

The Self-Care Valentine: Will you be your own Valentine? It is not just any other day, so it is time to spend Valentine’s day properly and treat yourself right!

  1. Start off by watching a chick flick – it will serve as your cliche guide through the day. “Holidate” gracefully includes the chocolate overeating, but let’s skip the sulking!
  2. After a morning of movies, it is time to switch off your devices and detox. You do not need those lovey dovey Instagram stories floating around your mind!
  3. Write a letter to yourself that you can open in one, five, ten or even twenty years. Include some of your current thoughts, memories, or goals that you can reflect on later and see how far you have come or what things will have slipped your mind.
  4. Finish the day off by pampering yourself. Pamper your heart by calling a relative or friend and in the best-case scenario hug your pet if you have one. A bubble bath, face mask or good book is also highly recommended.

The Non-Romantic: Does Valentine’s day even exist? For you it surely does not! Whether the Valentine’s amnesia is self-inflicted or purely unintentional, we will never really know.

  3. PLANS.

Not much to add here… You will most likely end up doing whatever you usually do on a Sunday and then have your Valentine’s day memory jogged by all that red and pink going around.

The Lovebirds: Finally, it is the day most couples look forward to!

Getting a rose, cooking fancy dinner, or watching a romantic movie are all valentine classics but here are some ways you could make this day even more special.

  1. Wine and Painting date night is a perfect way for you to unleash your creativity whilst having a fun time with your partner. You could add some cheese to it and, voila, you have a perfect activity night.
  2. Take a virtual tour of your favorite city at This website not only transports you elsewhere, but it also plays local radio. A change in setting can always set the mood right!
  3. Build a tent with bed sheets and lights for the perfect movie experience. It will be fun and romantic at the same time!
  4. Lastly, just remember that it is a day to celebrate love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love,

ESN Rotterdam x

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