Orientation Committee

The Orientation Committee is comprised of current active members (i.e. committee members) and has the goal of organizing some of the bigger events that ESN-Rotterdam has. This could be Introduction Days, Eurekaweek, or National ESN events.

We are currently forming a committee to organise two events: the Winter Introduction Days (or Wintrodays), and the ESN National Platform. Wintrodays is designed to show students who are new to Rotterdam around the city. The National Platform is a tri-annual assembly of all of the Dutch ESN sections.

How long will I be a member for?
If recruited, you will be part of the committee from the start of December until after the events. The National Platform will be from the 13th-15th of January, and Wintrodays is planned for the 21st-22nd of January. After these events, the Orientation Committee’s work will be done and the committee dissolved.

How much time will the committee take?
You can expect weekly meetings plus some additional tasks on the side. It’s a short period with a lot to be done, so we ask that you are able to put aside 6-8 hours per week (on top of your regular committee). On the days of the events, you are required to be there a bit longer to help out in the organization.

What will you get out of it?
As well as meeting new people, having great fun, free entrance to events during the days, and a few free drinks along the way, this committee is a great opportunity to gain experience organizing bigger events. It’s especially valuable if you’re considering a board year as you’ll be working closely with the ESN Board and see more closely what they do.

A few additional points to note:
– Orientation committee is not the same as being a guide! We’ll still be recruiting Wintrodays guides, and Orientation Committee members can also be guides. 
– You’ll still be part of your regular committee too, and expected to keep up with tasks there too