Orientation Committee

General Description

The main goal of the orientation committee is to make sure that new international and exchange students have a smooth transition and feel at home in Rotterdam and at the Erasmus University from the beginning. The orientation committee is particularly active in the beginning of each semester, for example by assisting during the ESN Intro Days, the Eurekaweek, and the One Stop Shop

ESN Intro Days are three days wherein new students meet each other, learn about the city of Rotterdam, the university, and student life. These days are packed with lots of fun events to connect with others from the first days that the students are in the city. In 2022, the Summer Intro Days will take place on the 21st until the 23rd of August.

Eurekaweek cannot be complete without the presence of ESN! During the Eurekaweek, this committee organizes fun events and initiatives to attract as many students as possible to ESN Rotterdam. Also, the preview of ESN Tuesdays is organized on the night of the Tuesday of the Eurekaweek. This night aims to be a HUGE party that the committee members get the chance to organize with the board of ESN Rotterdam.

At the one stop shop, new students get all the things they need to live in Rotterdam. This involves matters such as a BSN nummer, bank account, insurance, and so on. As ESN, we are there to invite them to their new university and home while we try to attract as many of them as possible to join the association and come have fun at our events!

Committee Structure 

The Orientation Committee will ideally consist of 4 or 5 committee members. Of these 3 of 4 committee members, one will be the chairperson, one the treasurer, and one the marketer, as explained in information about the new structure.  

The Orientation Committee will be led by the board member that holds the position of President. During 2021-2022, this will be Rolland Masebu ([email protected]). For any help or advice, he will be your main contact person. In addition, for the marketer in particular but also for any marketing-related questions in general, all contact goes via our Marketing Manager. During 2021-2022, Sienna McKenna takes up this position ([email protected]).  For any questions, you have you can email [email protected].

Expectations from Committee Members 

The following points represent the expectations the board has for all members of the Orientation Committee: 

  • Motivation and proactivity 
  • Being able to spend around 8 hours a week on your committee work (this will most likely be a bit more during the beginning of each semester) 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Easily making contact with new people and being able to make people feel welcome 
  • Open-minded and respectful towards all students 
  • Creativity. Since this is a new committee, you need to be flexible and creative in finding the best ways to work.  
  • Good planning skills. 

Final words 

After reading these webpage, we hope you have a clear idea of the new structure and its implementation, as well our expectations from you as a committee member for ESN-Rotterdam. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us by sending an email to [email protected]. Of course you can also always ask any board member for information. 

These will be the positions within the committee:

Responsible for arranging meetings and preparing the meetings’ agendaProviding content for the relevant communication channels, e.g. social media and the ESN websiteThe Treasurer is in charge of the financial bookkeeping of the committee 
Keeps an overview of the work and progress of the committee and updating the President on thisWhere possible help with designing in collaboration with the Marketing CommitteeTo make sure all incomesand expenditures are recorded according to the template given by the board treasurer
Maintaining a close relationship between committee members and the leading board member, for the Orientation Committee the PresidentMaintaining close collaboration with the marketing Manager and the Marketing CommitteeAlso works as regular committee member
Keeps a list of what still needs to be done, and communicates deadlines to committee membersAlso works as regular committee member
Also works as regular committee member

You can sign up via this link.